ZhengZhan optimization strategy to interpret the B2C electronic commerce website

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B2C website, the primary work is to make a lot of website keywords, it is self-evident importance of keywords for the website. In the development of key words mainly consider the following aspects: one is the industry jargon and the use of professional terminology; two is to study the customer is looking for the product itself or to find a way to solve the problem; the three is to pay attention to the brand name and the common name; four is the other name or alias of similar products; five is related to the expansion of keywords. Such as the names, specifications and models; six is the long tail word Many a little make a mickle. scattered, the long tail word is usually a large B2C main Shanghai Longfeng flow; the above six points is to do keyword positioning and analysis of the main ideas.

of both internal and external links

sites, the general focus on the optimization of the key words on the home page, but for B2C, the same in the layout of the keywords, are from the home began to decorate, show the Pyramid structure, but the need to reverse thinking in the optimization of the time, from the beginning of the most often bring traffic to the content page, content page > the topic page; > > home page column (channel). When the keywords in the layout, in accordance with the order, respectively is the content page, a large number of long tail keywords; keywords timeliness; topic page, column page, product brand keywords; home, higher conversion rate of industry noun, and incidentally, brand keywords. In practical work, the final page content is most consistent with the user search thinking, but also make users search for relevant pages, so the website optimization will focus in the two part of the page, the bottom of the tower and spire two together.

B2C electronic commerce website in recent years such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the very rapid development momentum. Not just for business, for individual webmaster is a good opportunity, but in the absence of a lot of resources, capital and manpower situation, personal webmaster want to promote their website is not a simple matter, there are many promotion B2C entry, there are many ways, but with a lot of experience and research findings, the best way is still to get traffic through the Shanghai dragon optimization.


if you only pay attention to the external links, then you only half done. For small scale website, pay more attention to external links will have a good record, but for B2C website, the internal page is numerous, different products, different classification, may be hundreds of thousands or millions of pages, such large page is not only rely on external links, the more important things to ensure the spider > through chain powerful and orderly

for individual webmaster, if you not for the optimization of B2C a good starting point and end point, not a complete Shanghai dragon can see this idea, so, this paper is to share a complete set of B2C website optimization strategy, I hope everyone can benefit, also welcome more exchanges.

to the layout and optimization of reverseFor many analysis and positioningNot only is the

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