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3, search engine optimization (Shanghai,


advertising brand area community marketing keyword advertising

2, search advertising alliance promotion

8, build

marketing features: a list of search results in the first screen first, accurate display of the brand user oriented search. Speaking of keyword advertising and brand display advertising by combining accurate show the high-end brand image for enterprise brand has attracted the attention of the user, suitable for large brand advertisers.


marketing features: tracking the user to search engine sub channel browsing behavior, clear user preferences in the user browsing process tracking display brand advertising, general text, Flash and video form. For specific groups for sales purposes especially for advertisers.

features: marketing and traditional media on the web portal brand advertising is similar for all users to display advertising, suitable for the pursuit of exposure big brand advertisers. In the search engine sub media channels, such as the love of Shanghai news and financial general for banner ads.

marketing features: to improve search engine friendliness by optimizing the website internal structure and external links, improve site traffic, cost relatively easy to control.

content targeted advertising

5, sub channel full flow advertising

marketing features: large brand advertisers through a search engine support channel content construction, expand the brand influence. More suitable for the content of the resource has a large brand advertisers, by providing content of brand publicity, need to cooperate to achieve the market alone.



features: search engine marketing means in the advertising alliance website, text and video ads on the chain. Advertising can cover the long tail site user segments for the purpose of promotion, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises for delivery.

marketing characteristics: more active in the community platform, build brand image through word-of-mouth user posts, posts and general form of soft wen. The use of word-of-mouth business cost is relatively low, and the soft promotion posts may appear in search results, direct users to the brand awareness of SMEs is more suitable for soft promotion.

most of the enterprise network marketing has become a hotly contested spot, the competition grow with each passing day. This is to tell you about some of the common search engine marketing tool:

marketing features: basics of search engine marketing, through the purchase of search engine keyword promotion of enterprise website and advertising information. Compared to the traditional marketing cost is low, and in accordance with the user clicks, the number and cost of keyword popularity and related keywords.


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