Qualified Shanghai dragon should be the real S log analysis

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The important role that

3. we can according to the response of the IIS log, some issues and problems in our space early warning, because if the server will be a problem if the first time is reflected in the IIS log, to know the speed of the server and stable open speed both will affect our website.

, a IIS log

1. we first space to support the IIS log download, this is a very important point, before we buy space must first say hello to support IIS log download, because some service providers do not provide this service, if the space background support generally have log WebLog log download this function download it to the root directory can be used in FTP to the local server, you can set the log file is downloaded to the specified path.

has some problem has plagued us, in our optimization way such as: we send out a chain of whether to effect? Whether we buy space can be compared to those who love? Spiders without love to our page? What time the spider grab our website frequently, we need what time to update the content of these problems? We can come out through the analysis of IIS server log we can be simple, as a qualified Shanghai dragon, will be not simple to see the real status code IIS log analysis, in this remind everybody buy space must buy to download IIS log cannot. Download all not to buy buy, introduce to everybody below by IIS to develop the site log analysis.

The update frequency of

two, how to download the log and log settings note Torgovnik

2. sites are associated with the IIS log spiders crawl frequency, generally the higher the update frequency, the higher the frequency of the spider crawling, and our website for updates not only add new content at the same time we have the fine-tuning operation.

2. there is a very important issue, strongly recommended to set the IIS log generated once per hour.

1. through the IIS log on the website of the spider can understand basic crawling, can know the spider crawling and crawling path, through our IIS log, the chain more and less and web spider climb take quantity has a direct impact, what we say is linkbait if you do a chain, the spider crawling in the chain of the page and the page put out, the spider can through this link you have to crawl your site, IIS log is will record this spider climb take action.

4. through the IIS log we can know the page of the website is very popular with spider welcome, and what page is the spider without even touching to touch, and we can also find some of the spider crawling is due to excessive is a great loss of our resources on the server, we need to shield the work.

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