Qian Yushan the website redesigned five aspects must be considered

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3 update, not too fast speed

business circle is very hot, a lot of people involved. On the shopping cart system is popular in the e-commerce site, it is still not perfect to win the search engine friendly. The URL will be mixed with a lot of question marks, and the related parameters of ID, etc.. Although love said in Shanghai last year, the same dynamic and static, but the current situation, dynamic still exists in many friendly situation. Imagine if the planning stage on the site can have Shanghai Longfeng professionals involved in it, this problem cannot be solved should be. I think every Shanghai dragon will remind the programmer personnel should pay attention to this point. If the site has been built or consider the on-line optimization, may want to modify the program, may produce a lot of error pages or the same page. Here, if your site has been built, because want to re design the Shanghai dragon or other reasons, need to pay attention to the following five places from Shanghai dragon angle:

2, to maintain the stability of the URL

although the increase of high quality, useful to the user is the key, but also to properly control the speed of the page and add. This speed is not an absolute, but relative. That is to say the new page.

.There is a proverb: If it Due to the recent

English ‘s not broken’ t fix, don it! (not broken, don’t fix it!) website redesign especially, if your site is not a serious mistake, in the search engine ranking is still not easily, a large area of the site change, we can optimize local small range slowly. Redesign in the website is not very poor, often can not achieve the desired results.

URL is the most important question to consider re design, remember to not change the original UrL, already exists in the directory name and file names do not change, and keep the original same. We can add new columns and content, enrich the site. Otherwise, changes to the URL will gradually disappear in the search engine, web site included quantity will slowly decline, the chain of the original will not work, but the overall weight decreased from.

to do a long time Shanghai dragon, there have been some successes, though I never took a single, but also have their own unique place for learning and understanding of the Shanghai dragon. Personally think that the difference between the novice and the master of Shanghai dragon is in the website novice will not flow even the search engine to find the site when they think of Shanghai dragon, and master in the site before the line has made Shanghai Longfeng planning. Comparison of the two is obviously well prepared after the Shanghai dragon online site is more conducive to the optimization effect. The relationship between the terms of design website and Shanghai dragon, want to give novice some inspiration.

1, not to cannot but do not re design of the

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