Shanghai Longfeng foundation details introduction and application of nofollow

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recently found that many webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er talked about the use of the label nofollow, just the two day in the ZAC book, also saw the introduction of nofollow, nofollow in Shanghai Longfeng in feeling is very important. So today Qingdao Shanghai dragon also come with everyone to learn about the application of nofollow. If you nofollow already know, we can not see the thumbnail, hehe.

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3, the website links to some of no great importance to join nofollow. As the site is now at the bottom of the page are "about us" and "contact us", "Recruitment" link, this link can be of no great importance link, we can.


in the past, Qingdao Shanghai dragon website ranking which of these details, the truth did not know this label, but do not know they are in Shanghai Long Feng Li played what role, before even now do Shanghai Longfeng ranking or mainly by those original, the chain, anchor text, Links keywords density, implementation of the optimization work, I believe there are a lot of a webmaster or Shanghai dragon er with me too. Today, we do have a little sloppy, really want to Study hard up, often some small details can play the role of absolute, the details determine success or failure, there is a certain reason


2, advertising on the website link. There are a lot of advertisements on some sites, most of these commercials link to the website of the other side, in order to avoid a link to website weight caused by too much reduced, using traditional methods such as JS jump code, here we can introduce the nofollow tag, all links with nofollow, tell the search engines this link is not important.

nofollow label was first proposed by Google, so the label certainly is especially suitable for Google search, but many of the current mainstream search engines have accepted the role and value of the label, the label has said its role is not to spread the weight transfer site, such as web site on some external links or less important link station we can, by adding nofollow to control the site is to spread the weight, the so-called weight often determines the site’s ranking well is. So, so, the nofollow tag is very great significance for the website ranking. But many webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER and not on the label attention or attention, if you are reading this article, I hope you will pay attention to their own website, and the application in.

1, forums and other interactive community or blog. Because of this kind of website usually post more casual, can leave a link, to know the outbound links on the site too much, will disperse the weight of the website, so it is necessary for these places to join nofollow.

nofollow label is mainly used in some areas:

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