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has a number of expert found keywrods three tags in Shanghai dragon on the website optimization ranking effect is almost equal to the 0. I will not repeat to tell those old-fashioned examples. But recently my hand station makes me feel confused again. Don’t fall for a long time keywords


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optimization at the time every day, but this is not how I stand on stability. About because a month or so, one day suddenly found the keywords ranking 33. Completely stunned. Don’t keywords again be included in the ranking algorithm? I carefully looked at the station is the home page of the keywords appears in the word. Really wonder, attach the following observation, we can look at the study, the optimization result is interested can add my QQ:493285006 exchange.

high pressure air compressor www.nb-jingao贵族宝贝 please indicate the source, thank you.

station is the general enterprise station, optimization made friends for a year, basically stable. A few days ago that Mister and I talked for a long time, I have a cheerful depressed, increase keyword. Not to modify the TITLE, but TITLE has a lot of keywords. I don’t want to add an effect of several other good rankings. Then I consider again and again decided to do nothing, in the absence of a keywords effect with the keywords. And after the check with Adsense tools, the keywords ranking 100. The heart is also thought to not get equal.


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