Shanghai Longfeng thinking on 520 cold after the love of Shanghai

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promotion cost is a major source of income for love in Shanghai, a large number of Shanghai ER is in love with dragon Shanghai jobs, the suspected suicide. Want to say love the site of Shanghai, love Shanghai. I love Shanghai to Shanghai dragon obvious website ranking all down. This will not affect the user experience, and can achieve the purpose of making money. The best of both worlds, Why not?. So I suggest Shanghai dragon ER station must put the user experience in an important position. This is the Shanghai dragon path.

three, content is king, outside the chain for the emperor of the era has passed.

, a weight high website ranked no change.

two, Shanghai Longfeng obvious signs of website ranking drop.

and I would like to like Shanghai dragon rookie do love Shanghai station, regardless of how changes in the content of the algorithm, the path is never change. Shanghai dragon rookie Er Liu Yugang.

love to survive in Shanghai will continue to be updated, the "user" is the fundamental survival love Shanghai, so to grasp the fundamental is to increase user experience. When users search if the row in front of the building and push through some keywords ranking website user experience is not good, so love Shanghai website " age " also included in the website the weights of the evaluation standard. So some large web sites and some households classified information website and so on the inside pages are arranged to the home page.

on the 5.20 day, a special day, this day is the network Valentine’s Day is a memorable day million Shanghai dragon ER. It is a few happy worry! That morning as usual, open the computer, in Shanghai love to search keywords, see what changes do not, who knows to open my ignorant, after my words fell to the 5 page, and then look at other keywords page, in 5 pages away, I almost slumped on the ground. It is my site to be punished, or worse down the right, but recently I didn’t do what outrageous things! A variety can be flashed in my mind, but one was rejected. The suspect may be "cold" love Shanghai. So I A5 and other Webmaster Station at the forum, I confirm this speculation. Love the sea really and "cold". My words are "dumplings, but there are two group purchase" website ranking did not change, the other is some weight high website page links. Then several possible in mind flashed out.

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content is king is never likely to change, but love Shanghai more and more to the value of the chain to dilute, so most webmaster don’t every day of the chain, to have the quality of the Department to send.

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