Owners need to pay attention to and solve the problem of the original article

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finally, he carries on the analysis to the original content website. You don’t update the site’s original article is on the line, and related topics. Because a lot of people which is not related to the content updates to the Internet, there is no value to the user. In other words, the quality is good, the article to write. Now the webmaster if do promotion is not to write original articles must be K, we should think of the website. This article find who wrote? I share an article written by a good partner here, not QQ directly in his Taobao store (贵族宝贝shop100872979.taobao贵族宝贝/) cooperation for three years, don’t let me down!! they recently opened a Taobao shop, I find a lot of places, I think this is the lowest price of the best quality, the most assured of a transaction. Taobao safe transactions.

second, the link between the Shanghai union love Webmaster Platform, named chain between institutions, for their automatic chain procedures for punishment. What time do not know love Shanghai concern small owners, until we know love Shanghai love Shanghai falling profits, improve the promotion threshold. Before 3600 can do promotion now need 5600 promotion. Love Shanghai to do three things: the first thing is to do all the relevant business website optimization of all K, the second thing is to a large number of enterprises not update the site K off, let you search for the name of the enterprise are not search. The third thing to reduce portal link weights, if the contents with links or content not related to all give drop right processing. They hope to improve the performance of Shanghai love, stock price. At the same time linking processing, customers do original, is to help the user experience.


has done five years of website promotion, today and share love Shanghai recent changes:

search engine is still competitive, not a single large, old webmaster experience.

learned until 360 launched a search so360. instant access to more than ten percent share, fell in love with the sea panic, to enhance the user experience. He recently used this algorithm.

first, as a leading search engine based on user experience, users can search through the search engine, the latest and most valuable information. Instead of the old copy of the information. In fact, love Shanghai knew, has been the dominant search engine that there is no need. Because many sites are really doing, do very very good, but love does not want to give Shanghai ranking. They hope to promote.

algorithm to love Shanghai, pay more attention to the website original problem. Let many webmaster want to wonder when we do optimization when the chain is the team, why write original articles now? Love Shanghai Lao Li’s patent is the chain anchor text, did he give up

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