The importance of website optimization and several methods

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we were on tour, the tour guide will introduce a variety of attractions. We see, you will find each of the spots will have a guide map. This map is a guide for tourists to see, but also tell the tourists how to go. From this figure we can know oriented distribution of attractions and find the route to go. This guide map like site navigation, its function with directed graph has the same function. When the user enters the site navigation, will make the user understand how to quickly find the information they’re looking for and places to go. This little thing is not great, but it plays a huge role. Navigation location must be seen in the first glance of the local users. For example, we usually see the shelves, first saw is often parallel to the line of sight of the goods, but not in the goods below the line of sight. So we can put the navigation point placed in the position in the middle of the site, do not put in the corners. This is simply the navigation lost its due role, not to play its value. For the navigation information in the website, must do a good job of the work of classification. We can’t put all the information together, to give people a dazzling sense. If this happens, then your website will be a new facelift. The user is god. No one can deny this, the website is for customer service, is also the focus of profit. Classification and information navigation is one of the powerful alliances, invincible.

second: the column is clear, prominent personality.

The first impression is

: the first clear navigation, information classification.

each site will have a column. This column must be in line with the user’s browsing habits. For example, when we buy things, you will find some goods can be put together. Because it can bring more sales, but also can increase consumer demand. We set the column when to understand the content that users see first, or is the most viewed content. The size of the column to make a reasonable arrangement, can not make any changes to the space. This will only undermine the goodwill users of the site. The website is to give users see, so these considerations are to think about the problem from the user’s point of view. Another point, the column.

‘s appearance and dress. The appearance is not good, will leave a bad influence to others. Because people tend to love beautiful things, and not pay attention to the ugly East have a word that is phase from the heart. This sentence we can tell from the appearance can be seen in the inside of a person to a great extent. Although this sentence is not scientific, but we still don’t ignore. When the user enters the site of the first page, is a score. Everyone will give the first sight of the things to make a comparison, so as to find out the disadvantages and advantages. If your site does not allow users to see clearly the advantages, then it will fail to impress users. Then the front page of our website will bring what kind of impact to the user? I share this view, I hope to help you.

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