The station optimization and update mechanism

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website update mechanism is required for planning and procedures to achieve, this is the station optimization idea. So in the station optimization to achieve web site update mechanism to advance the ways? This can only be said to be to get nothing, as long as you can think and plan and program can help you achieve, is a good way to optimize the station. Some common methods just say here:

1. articles related to the content page, the side bar or the bottom bar placed some related articles, according to the title or keyword relevance;

or from the first sentence: "speaking of the most primitive of the chain for the emperor, content is king". The chain for the emperor’s age slowly in the past few years, before a single site is on the outside of the chain can easily do keywords love Shanghai home, I’m afraid more difficult. The change is "content is king"? Every day update a large number of high quality content is really can make the whole weight of the website upgrade. But if it is only a personal website or small business website, in lack of manpower, can not guarantee that every day a large number of high quality content update, the weight of the website and how to enhance the


2. page form with information page, add column calls associated with the product information in the product page, the update also led product updates to the page;

can go back to the original question, problems included is the website, how can you ensure that the website updates the content of each article are indexed by search engines? Some people say, displayed on the home page, the search engine will naturally go grab. This is true, a lot of site planning is set more than one column on the home page, update the article is displayed in the column, the search engine spiders crawling home link is likely to climb to the article link. But, a new day spider visit times is not much, not necessarily every visit to take up all the links, to take up the link and not included, this decline continues, it is not easy to update the contents of all included new sites. We know that in addition to the chain spider, high quality web content updates will be attracted to the visiting spider. If a page does not update the access to this page, the spider returns a status code of 304. We know that an article update will be driven at least three local website updates, and this article after the new URL page, this article is on the front page and column page, update, every place updates are likely to attract spiders visit, and may lead to weight points tiny. You may think, if the site of the update can bring a number of places that are not updated, the weights of points can form a cumulative update mechanism? This is what I want to say.

4. custom page, by doing something.

3. the Tag tags generate a list of content pages, each update articles are tag specific keywords, generates relevant keywords click on the tag content aggregation page;

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