The content of the website system is to create value and adhere to the webmaster content

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so to sum up, the core of a website is the website content value, and this value will be in accordance with the contents of the site types showing a different value distinction, and on the dissemination of knowledge and information on the website, I still have some words, blog is the dissemination of information, dissemination of information also has some forums (take two to >

for example, yesterday Friday: Hunan TV’s "I am a singer", at the beginning of 10, if after this program was over, update a watch address, this is what we want most? For example, some time ago the "Westward Journey" drop the article, many people want to look at your computer, if a resource watch, a little push, then popularity came, and the Post Bar movie website, users (no, basically everyone will go to the movie, in which the QQ group, and group A, immediately to a large number of people). This is definitely a good way of marketing.

said that the content of the website is original, like Lu Songsong (most of the original, there are some good articles reprinted), like other more personal bloggers who still insist on. They said they can persist, the content is so strong, but then you think, if they operate is not a personal blog, write an article is 3-5 days, but the industry station, but the information station, so how to consider the quality of the content? In my opinion, the site types, itself who is the pattern of different blog publicity, in the value of the individual, and the information industry station, station, in the information shown in fast, and the spread of knowledge, between the two is very different, so, if it is so simple to say, the content of the website is the original. I believe that many other industry friends have been scorched by the flames.

Saturday morning to write such an article on the website of the contents of the article, because the thought of their own websites in recent time outside the chain and did not do much, but after some time ago to carefully organize the content, in the rankings, but also to get some improvement and stability, under this kind of thinking, we especially want to write such an article, a summary of the content to write some of the time, thinking also hope to bring the contents of the friends.

is very important, but, I value is the content of this site can bring the value of what they want for the user, can bring the requirements of search engine evaluation, what is web content value, for example, you want to make a movie website, others came to your movie website, is natural want to see him want to see movies (not recommended you, unless you are watercress, then score to guide the needs of users), so, generally when a person came to your site, or to see the most recent new film, so the update speed of a movie website is very important. In the first time, to update the broadcast address, is the most important source of access to the user.

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