The details determine the success or failure of Shanghai Dragon

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is a small car pictures, emblazoned with the website and telephone, and displayed on the home page, to give a feeling of distrust. In fact, we can turn to, if the user wants to download a picture, you can see the watermark, it will directly jump out. Think if competitors want to steal your map, you add another big watermark, he can now go to remove watermark software or PS can be realized. So we add a watermark in the picture is really make an unnecessary move.

I think the user see the tanker site navigation would be instantly confused. Originally the breadcrumb path is for the user guide, the keyword you engage in a lot of what car, give a person a kind of very.

, a picture of the optimization process.



Optimization of

breadcrumbs acts like car navigation, it can tell the user yourself in any location of the site, but some sites do not have bread crumbs or bread crumbs path path, the position is not correct, and some even above the stack keywords, which is extremely influence the degree of user experience. The following is a breadcrumb path Enterprise Station:

for the majority of consumers to buy products on the Internet, the picture is the most direct way to understand the product, website pictures of products directly affect consumers on product quality judgment, but everyone in the picture do optimization there are many errors, please be divided into the following aspects: < /p>

as the Shanghai dragon we certainly is most concerned about their rankings, the mood also fluctuates with the fluctuation of ranking. The main keywords ranking to more than half the time, it can bring us the profit is considerable. A good Shanghai dragon should have an artisan mentality, because we have a majority of Shanghai Phoenix are in operation in a small site, we have very limited resources, how to use the limited resources to achieve their ideal ranking, which requires every detail, we do a good website small but complete is the truth. In the end the details to what extent, let us illustrate.

2. pictures without compression. Now more and more high pixel camera, the picture is more and more clear, of course, the space is relatively large, at this speed as a snail era, the web site of the open speed has a direct impact on the user experience. So we picture in does not affect the picture effect, can use the page speed compression, reducing page load time.

1. in the pictures, add a lot of watermark. Many owners are afraid of their own site in the picture by peer plagiarism, add your own website or contact the company’s logo, or a long URL, as shown below:

two, the path of bread crumbs.

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