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was the K station, and pass the record, a transverse heart, thinking anyway, stand to lose weight also can not have a good space for a title, it will have third titles, the teapot website, the second time was renamed to do more than a month. Reaction, love Shanghai have to update the snapshot. Then in the new period, the site is within three months. But this is not so easy, the website already in the precipitation period, it changed its name again is the old station for more than five months, the site has been renamed for two months, love Shanghai snapshot never appears again, is estimated to be K to deny the love of Shanghai.

this is today’s record, has not changed, the snapshot or July 20th had, now in September 12th, this is a painful lesson, listen to the elder had said, do not arbitrarily replace the site title, I not only changed, also changed three not related to the title, the worst. I really do not know to stick to what time to update the snapshot. The relevant title to join or replace or find information on the Internet, people have also changed the title three times, but each time the title and the original title, and the website of the original article did not delete. I’m different, original.

website snapshot of the second title related to weight loss.

website for the title in the end of the site has no effect? My website fan Tao Zi Shahu, was the first of the title is a personalized products website, because of the large amount of merchandise search, but found that the goods did not dare to receive space, do more than a month, they changed the title. For the second title is slimming products, although this product sales of larger, but that title is hard to do, that is to say this product do website has become saturated, and a formal space business also not willing to receive. But this title I did more than four months, although he thought saturated, but I still can work slowly up to do, so stick around the idea of a year, no matter what you have to do.

but I was wrong, the real change is then pass the site for the record, the site record does not allow such site record. Coupled with the experience of the July Shanghai website has been in love with love, the sea K station, when the record is two stand by, because another site dense peach fat people dress net anxious to record, because it is the use of interior space, the site and the domain name of the open space. The earth space is so strange, as long as the domain name to open space, you can only prepare the domain name, that is to say, if you want to make peach leaf Pangren record fashion network, or to change the space, and then move to a home, a peach leaf Pangren domain name fashion network itself; or two one must be prepared together, can pass. At that time really anxious like ants on a hot pan, really crazy, two things. Luck is not bad in general, just moved to earth from space, the record is canceled. Really bad enough.

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