Shanghai dragon Er should pay attention to the handover problem

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as a Shanghai dragon Er, cannot avoid is frequently in the early work of job hopping, because many sites for a mature Shanghai dragon is up, the rest of the work is to check continuously adjust continuously, maintain and not much technical content (I mean some routine optimization of the company, with fewer resources, so the company) in order to seek more learning opportunities and technical capabilities, will find a more suitable for their own occupation development company for grinding themselves, there is because they can not get more salary and job hopping in Shanghai dragon in this industry is high turnover rate. Many enterprises in the selection of people when a general survey of the Shanghai dragon in three months or so, if three months to make good. To the development of a time, then three months also love Shanghai once again come to big promotion after small updates, so in this period of time will be able to see a Shanghai Longfeng technical ability and the ability to work!


said this is for a definition of Shanghai Longfeng nature of the work, because the choice of the Shanghai dragon should accept his every change, the mentality is very important, because I love is not the reason why I quit, because of personal love to have a steady job, only reluctantly chose the Shanghai dragon in this industry have continue to adjust their mentality, adapt to this industry, then meet a lot of problems in the job process, because I give others the transfer of the problem, I can transfer others work, two-way transfer so I appreciate if you as a Shanghai dragon head of technology, should how to influence the handover on the site to a minimum and make corresponding countermeasures


first, I think a company managers to make an application for resignation in the employee should first ensure staff will have a period of time to leave, and can find a replacement for the Shanghai dragon staff, because this is the only way to a lot of people away, prepared against want, this effect for the website optimization is great, you know not many people tube website ranking will drop, now in the current national Shanghai dragon era, so many competitors, to operate the web site a day, like riding a boat behind! So to avoid the occurrence of this situation must find good successor Shanghai dragon Er can square.

the second is to let the successor advance posts should have at least one day to two days so that he can contact two days with former Shanghai dragon Er, can be used as a visitor with former Shanghai dragon ER status, work way, if there is the experience of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er will soon adapt to the former Shanghai dragon Er work mode, because the site if the different operation would have different effects, take the chain, if the former Shanghai dragon Er has been in the chain of the forum and the new people to just do blog and do on the altar, or update the contents of the different frequency. Will have an impact on the website! Transition is to avoid the impact to a minimum of

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