Shanghai dragon is the highest realm do Shanghai dragon gave jobs to each developer website

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The Shanghai dragon

back to the noble baby, most of the practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng said that they understand the noble baby ranking method, and the noble baby is always a statement, search results sorting algorithm in the update direction, noble baby is the maximum degree of satisfaction of users of search expectations, from "give me what I said the" to "give me what I want," noble baby exhausted mind. So, at this stage of the work is clearly in order to influence Shanghai Longfeng nobility baby of search results, that is to say, the direction he and noble baby itself draw further apart, then it is not difficult to imagine, noble baby would support this work.


actually is not the true meaning of Shanghai dragon to influence what, do, but to make the search engine more love website, it is often said that the Search Engine Friendly. An experienced web design company should know that Search Engine Friendly should not be the site after the completion of the thing, but from the beginning of the site planning is to be considered. First of all, in the form of website, to guide customers to make a choice, all starting from the aesthetic effect in FLASH website or search engine is currently more love HTML website, or have their advantages and disadvantages of HTM>

Change what

this statement may make a lot of people sniff at, but please think carefully, what is the essence of Shanghai dragon? In other words, the domestic service providers in Shanghai Longfeng every day doing what kind of work? Is actually in their understanding of the search engine to calculate, to adjust the content of the page optimization keywords appear then, in order to increase the variety for Shanghai dragon plus links everywhere busy submission, then stared at several key words query results looking forward to quickly upgrade the position……


baby and noble love Shanghai, two Shanghai Longfeng staff are most concerned about the website, but in different ways to grab their jobs. The first love of Shanghai, can be said to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon is not much sense, a keyword query results, often a result of the previous 3 even before the 5 results are paying users, when you know that 90% people will click on the search results in the top 5, you will understand why Shanghai Dragon for the love of Shanghai of little significance. So, with the budget and energy spent on the Shanghai Shanghai dragon for love, rather than use their bid ranking system, but the efficiency and effectiveness are better.

(search engine optimization – Search Engine Optimization) concept is gradually accepted by domestic websites, Shanghai dragon industry also gradually hot up, now many companies and individuals do not mention the Shanghai dragon, but the highest level of Shanghai dragon, it is not Shanghai dragon

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