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but I checked his data, two months of a new station, is a lot of content, but the novel station, really do not lack! For this website, I directly rejected. I believe many people would like to ask, why Zhu Weikun rejected his plans to cut the station! Note:



Zhu Weikun also endorsed this view, but in some special forms of network marketing, we have a secret, and not a gray technique spread! This is only for the love of Shanghai weight is helpful, I write this article, most people will feel the love of Shanghai weight no value, write this article, just to the forum people know, and I hope everyone does not spread out, we can look at the picture:

in this case, love Shanghai last night, finally put the day before grabbing data out! All of a sudden, put the weight of the website promotion figure:

some time ago, there was a QQ show website, 9 days, love Shanghai weight 6, then went to a good friend Longjun is analyzed, and then infer that this site is 301 redirection, the weight transfer way! This person is most recognized and spread of the Internet

Street women website, from a start position, is the precise positioning for the female website, investment in start-up capital of 500 thousand yuan, the overall operation of the plan to write for a month! After half a year’s time, the Grand Strand founder Li Jinlong began in June put into operation

two, the Grand Strand let no snapshot also have high weight

!Of course,

see, this is the month of the website, the weight of Niubi! Love Shanghai weight 6, then we continue to see, I go to click on the weight flow diagram:

DOA, can describe his operation! A new station, within three months of any situation is possible, no matter in the station that will have this! We are only in a circle, so attention more, think they are a week of investment, but also love is not included in Shanghai, remain perplexed despite much thought


, a magical love Shanghai high weight website emerge in an endless stream of

the Internet!

this picture, you can see these words, what are the keywords? Good understanding of

some time ago, there was a small man looking for Zhu Weikun Links exchange, I asked him what station? He said novels generally find people exchange station! Links, are very low-key, but the little brother is cattle, he, he told us the real name network marketing forum PR4, completely dismissive, and then he said, his love of Shanghai weight is 4, Zhu Weikun Shanghai dragon training forum weight in 2, that is to help me





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