Talk about how to use several classification information network techniques

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because of the time, in order to avoid I considered classified information network support, each class share only a few decent (58 city Ganji, that is not to say), in short, in the end what is good or bad, or we need to how to practice and summary, the same information network perhaps, different people published articles, included rate is also not a small gap, which indicates that the quality is the key.

2, the registered user name skills

With the rise of

we all know that the classified information network now can be said to be innumerable, grasping a lot, but it is clear that a large part of which is not worth a waste of time and energy, because it is very few, and almost no ranking.

1, classified information network

classification and information network, that network promotion and Shanghai Longfeng people have fallen in love with them, so they can provide a large number of the chain support, and there is a good brand promotion effect. But why do the classified information network indulgence, the main reason is the network promotion personnel to promote the brand to them, bringing traffic, and then it was love Shanghai, Google and other large search engines to invite network alliance, to bring a lot of money in advertising revenue. Of course, the most important is that the classified information network is indeed ordinary Internet users to solve many real problems, which has also received strong support from Internet users, so it can be said that the emergence of classified information network, is a win-win result, so the formation of the current situation is also very like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise normal.

is a pure text link: call network (almost the entire collection, included fast, quick (8) included rate is greater than 50%, included the 51 city network (fast), included rate of about 40%, included 168 information network (fast), included rate of about 40%, included faster), EVA (not included soon. But the need to send points to information), Jinti (included rate of about 30%, slower included).

well, as the promotion personnel and Shanghai dragon Er, to how to make good use of classified information network? I through the summary, accumulated some experience and skills, here to share with you:

classified information network in accordance with the "hyperlink" and "pure text links" are divided into two categories, which are classified information network links, I think better: list of network (a close one, the absolute seconds set off), Qi (net rate of more than 50% included Bibi, included fast), post information network (included rate of about 40%, included information network (slower), and included the rate of about 30%, slower included) etc..

I suggest that everyone in the registered account, user can use Chinese, target keywords choose their own website for user name; not Chinese, the middle part choose the website name (such as www. Xinxiehe120. COM, with xinxiehe120 as the user name) [] to avoid suspicion advertising, with a full stop. To do so.

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