Shanghai Longfeng workers how to make rational use of spare time

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work also some spare time, such as when you send the chain feel very tired and stopped to look at other people to write articles, or the Shanghai Longfeng exchange group and ask a few questions, the delay time is not what. Even leaders see would not say what, because you are learning. Of course not use work time to play with this, as do Shanghai Longfeng, every day to read a few articles, learn every day a hour. A few months down you can master a lot of things, including how to write text, often hear people say they don’t have the time to write text or writing is very poor. In fact it is making excuses, that time I believe everyone can squeeze. Nothing less than an hour of TV, play a game. As for the language, we all wrote a composition, soft and composition are similar in fact. As the Shanghai dragon have, learning and experience must be done, otherwise it would have to be eliminated.

if you have a goal, and to persevere persist, the most intuitive is to greatly improve their ability of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon how many technical content? The author believes that avenue to Jane the truth, Shanghai Longfeng need not think so complicated. Don’t stare at the data collected and reduce what, what snapshots and back to the file. As long as their operating mode normal, not to cheat in the exams. Do the content, within the chain, the chain, and finally the user browsing experience. Is the most basic of these things we are not doing, so don’t.

we use spare time to do what


overall, Shanghai dragon is a heavy occupation. Is a tiring occupation, because Shanghai Longfeng work many times not only rely on individual completed. So now is about team spirit, many Shanghai Longfeng workers will complain that work time is not enough, in fact, we are doing a lot of useless, wasted a lot of time. For example, to find the forum outside the chain resources, you find 50 love Shanghai forum from the search results, but a registered down found that only a few can use. Like this will waste a lot of time, is also the work efficiency is not high. To improve the working efficiency of the individual to enhance the ability and the accumulation of experience, today talk about Shanghai Longfeng workers how to reasonable use of spare time.

we will not only continue to learn, to develop the habit of accumulated resources and contacts. The chain resources everybody knows, usually will change a lot of the chain resources and others, and some weight higher resources, usually need to account of a slowly. See a person selling forum yesterday, the truth of these resources is not easy to come. Account registration time is more long, often weight are good. Human resources is more important, a lot of network resources on the network. For example: customer resources, N Shanghai Longfeng company, give you the convenience of work to these resources, but also can bring you the rmb.

make good use of our spare time what are the benefits to our


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