12 of consumers online trading platform experience optimization details

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3. online trading platform because of the relatively large amount of information of URL address will have changes, if some revision we try not to jump to page 404. Don’t let the 404 error page us too much, it can not be said to be the consumer experience hurt, of course the reasonable use 301 redirect is a good way.

remember your site customers, potential customers and customers who are. Marketing type site design and construction of their own, in addition to looking at what no problem, let you of the love of consumers is the most critical. Through the design and construction of the marketing type site, let consumers understand themselves, understand their own product brands, understand their products and services advantages, at the same time, also to let consumers know that you understand them.

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why your site is attractive to consumers weak? Why is your site conversion rate is very low as the operator? Today we are not from the network marketing point of view to think about this problem, from the aspects of the consumer experience, the online trading platform site need to pay attention to what the details of

5. online trading platform site to do the necessary Shanghai Longfeng, search engine optimization. The site in addition to the marketing function must, while not affecting the consumer experience, the keyword layout should be.

6. online trading platform site integration of social elements. More common is the social login, social criticism and social sharing, so that our customers have a better experience, but also can help us promotion platform.

4. we describe the online trading platform to minimize the use of professional terminology and jargon. If it is in can not be avoided, we can open up a column like Wikipedia to explain these terms in the platform, do a FAQ forms page on your platform conversion rate will be helpful. The reason is very simple, if consumers cannot read what you say, you say nothing.

8. online trading platform site not a consumer registration form. Many consumers see the tedious unfriendly registration process are choosing to leave the site. So we need.

7.Flash is a stumbling block to the online trading platform on the site have to say. First, Flash will make the platform slow to load; second, current mobile equipment is not very good compatible with it; third, the key information in Flash most search engines cannot read.

2. online trading platform site computer version is very important, the mobile version is also very important. Mobile Internet devices are becoming more and more popular, to provide consumers with a computer version of the site and the experience of the online trading platform mobile version of the same good, to retain consumers are of great help. If your blog is set up with WP platform, the author recommends that you use the WP-Touch plugin to make you more user friendly on mobile platform.

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