Shanghai Longfeng elements score 51 points

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1. quality points: to provide valuable content, meaningful. +3.

Architecture: website structure element block (7)

7.: whether there is also advertising, advertising, pop, prevent users from reading. -1.

HTML code element block (7)

5.: whether new or fresh content is about the present hot topic. +2.

4. activity: how long time users stay on the site, if there is a user to read. +2.

meta 2. page description: the main description introduced a good website. +2.

1.: concise code, easy to crawl crawl. +3.

as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, if you don’t know some of the search engine ranking mechanism, want to get good rankings also has certain difficulties, understand the mechanism of search engine ranking is better for us to work, let us have a better understanding of the mechanism of ranking algorithm. As the following illustration. Shanghai Longfeng periodic table, as was revealed. Would like to further about this, but because of the reasons. Has not written, have to spend some time with the introduction of the search engine, about how a web site is to score, no understanding of this aspect of the webmaster can provide a little help!

The structure of

6.: hidden text using the same color or style to hide the user search text in the code. -1.

Content: the content element block (12)

2. study: what are the key words to search users. +3.


Meta: 1. page title page title contains the main keywords. +3.

5. code stack: the user search keywords deliberately repeated in code. -1.

6.: thin, meaningless, waste too much. -2.


PS: according to user needs of the long tail keywords, and then fill in the value distribution, meaningful content, and the content must be fresh, has a certain user experience, there is a certain audience, available (12 points).


4. Code: structural code good. +1.

PS: page 3 elements and the H1 tag set, structure concise code without keyword stuffing and hidden text, can be obtained (7 points).

3. Tags: H1 tags, title, headings with keywords. +1.

3.: the text content is not a user search terms. +2.

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