More than 5 years of accumulation of Shanghai dragon let me understand adhere to the three Shanghai

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Shanghai Dragon technology knowledge of the point more than 100, the core knowledge of several. We have to do is how to put these core knowledge into full play, I have the following suggestions:

Progress in the

second, the core technology of Shanghai Dragon

Exploration of The above is my

first, Knowledge has no limit., continuously improve the vision of

third, attention and study the marketing strategy of

1, Shanghai dragon basic skills, and not all of these knowledge used in the site, some sites because the program problem not all applications, we study Shanghai dragon based aim is try not to make mistakes such as the website, you can not do 301 jumps, but when the anchor text is to unify the preferred domain.

today a friend complained that Shanghai dragon’s hard work force, those things he said let me instantly recall the previous experience: daily write original, high weight platform to send the chain, stop screening content, make the greatest efforts to improve the ranking. Finally one day ranked in the home, the heart has always cannot calm, always worried about ranking fluctuations and the boss conversion rate, that time really feel Shanghai dragon is the most bitter in the world.

simply do not understand Shanghai Longfeng, marketing strategy, it is prone to the situation is the website ranking no conversion. The solution is to learn more about the marketing strategy, and then applied to the site, for example, if two sites the same two different products, one can cure, another can cure a disease, which one will you choose. This is a psychological category, do Shanghai dragon necessary to understand.


2, participate in industry technical discussion. Can go to the industry forum and QA system soak, see others in hate what problems, often these are the latest information, to our understanding of the dynamics of the industry is very helpful.

more than 5 years of Shanghai Longfeng experience accumulation, I believe that the above three do Shanghai dragon will become interesting. If one day you want to give up, please remember this sentence: "when you stay up."

era, the main social groups are changed, so people’s needs are changing, and love Shanghai rules change. We do not do well, only modest to learn, pay close attention to the social dynamic, understand human feelings, to understand what the user needs, and then the content of the site timely adjustments, or website ranking did not change, their confidence is a huge blow. There is an old saying, Knowledge has no limit. The sky, wide sea diving.

okay, time to Shanghai dragon third years of work, I have a deeper understanding of the Shanghai dragon, because one day no longer send outside the chain, I still have the ideal website ranking, this makes me feel good. No matter what the industry and work, there is a process of adaptation period, others do not dare to say, if you want to become Shanghai dragon fun, must adhere to the following three points:

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