New station to love Shanghai normal included out of the sandbox

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blog. Registered some high weight website space (such as the Shanghai love space, Sina blog, blog, blog and other Sohu NetEase). A blog takes a long time to take effect, so we should stick to update the blog content for your blog included as soon as possible. Generally speaking, create love Shanghai space within a few days can be included. I love Shanghai to space is a registered a year ago, at present has not yet been included, think to let yourself be included space also need some skills, such as registration, love Shanghai space trumpet to reproduced and commented on his article, I was in love with the sea in this way included, everyone you can try the next time. You can create a new station with their web related love Shanghai in space and space, add some articles and attach their site. Love in Shanghai included space will also find links to your site. Through this process, about a week or so can be included in the love of Shanghai. The station on the line for five days, the home is love Shanghai included.

both the novice webmaster or Shanghai Phoenix veteran, and solve the problems encountered are always each Shanghai dragon do things every day, the author is the first station of the novice webmaster today to share your new station to be included in Shanghai normal love out of the sandbox. We all know that all the new line will enter Shanghai love sandbox, he is the audit for a period of time, this time will only love Shanghai included in the new page and the content page has not been included, to share the love of Shanghai railway station is normal included today, refers to the site of all web pages, including all pages. Do the webmaster all know a new station on the line, the first goal is to let the love of Shanghai included the home page, the second goal is to make the inside pages included in the site only love Shanghai, love Shanghai normal included your site, the site can talk about what keywords like, so to speed up the love of Shanghai included home became the first step in Shanghai dragon, how to make love in Shanghai included home? As long as do the following, within a week, the website will be collected

1, the first step is to love Shanghai to submit their own website address. (Shanghai: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html love Baidu submission entrance)

2, go to the forum or Post Bar related links to your site cited love Shanghai spider to climb up your website, it is best to weight high BBS mix, using signature with your web site, the weight of the high general forum is the second, and the spider often in these high weight forum crawling in this forum, send you the URL, the spider will also make up to your site. This will speed up the home page. (love Shanghai Post Bar link has not been successful, one will be deleted, and heard in Shanghai’s own website Post Bar love may be considered spam, I am timid so did not dare to try);

4, Q & a platform post replies. Now many websites have a quiz platform, can go to the right.


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