ntelligent search engine optimization will become the mainstream direction in advance

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is the last to know how to give up to optimize the habits of the past, because for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, when a thing very skilled, it is easy to form inert, when to get a new website to optimize, easy to use once successful optimization methods, such as the increase in the number of the chain the site, a collection of web content, and even the establishment of sprocket way to accelerate weight transfer, in the intelligent search engine optimization, it has certain opportunistic need to give up completely, in the optimization work to the mind to.


from the continuous adjustment of Google and other search engines love Shanghai in recent days algorithm, whether it is the primary stage of mobile Internet voice search on the Internet or traditional search has entered the intelligent search, intelligent search has become the future development trend of the search, but also the major search engines to a breakthrough in the direction of a series of intelligent Google launched from the current development of technology of search mode still has a leading position in technology, but in the Chinese search, love Shanghai’s dominance is still difficult to shake, but whether it is love or in Shanghai or Google, intelligent search, search engine optimization is still not significance. This may let the industry feel a bit confused.

is the first link optimization, the past that link to completely abandon the sale, instead of natural construction, in addition to write excellent articles to other websites, they have released some useful content to other sites, of course, these contents not only to the release site and also associated with its own import site has correlation, outside this chain can only be recognized by the search engine, in this context, it should pay more attention to the quality of link optimization.

optimization expert Wang Tong famous exposition, although the search engine has intelligence, but from some of the details can not be so comprehensive, but these details will be optimized staff direction, intelligent search and optimization of excellent Shanghai Longfeng staff work together to maximize the user’s search experience, so from the point of view of the future even if the search engine has been realized intelligent optimization for Shanghai dragon staff, is very important. So in the intelligent search engine, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel should be from the aspects of optimization of

But from the

is the user experience, the intelligent search engine for the user experience of the website become more demanding, search engines do not only pay attention to the content of the site quality, but also pay attention to the number of loyal users, web structure, chain optimization and web page layout and function, and the search engine can according to the analysis of website user bounce rate experience, website optimization at this time should pay more attention to attract users to stay, then let the traffic comes in as much as possible, don’t jump so fast, the site’s home page design and creative, advertising content and advertising content to the user, so that it can improve the dwell time of the web page, that is to say is better user experience.


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