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love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai Longfeng commentary: Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization): Chinese translation for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a method to improve the website in the relevant search engine within the natural ranking of the current way of using search engine rules. Objective to understand the Shanghai dragon is to provide ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, and obtain the brand gains; Shanghai Longfeng contains two stations outside Shanghai station and Shanghai dragon dragon; Shanghai dragon refers to in order to get more free traffic from search engines, reasonable planning from the website structure, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, page view, make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principles of behavior; make the site more suitable for search engine indexing principle is also known as search engine friendly, search engine friendly can not only improve the effect of Shanghai dragon, will make the search related websites engine information display more attractive to users.

What is the essence of Shanghai dragon?

of Shanghai dragon?

think this is to see the white girl, if you are the leader, this interpretation is suitable for you, because it tells you how to get free traffic. If you are Shanghai dragon Er, this is the flicker, because you already know. Seven days is not long nor short, why should I sign off NH? Why? Is not my starting point is wrong? No matter is the starting point of a blog or website is wrong? What exactly is the Shanghai dragon. Please see below:

?What is the

[] what is the introduction of Shanghai Dragon Girl? Sign off for seven days, encounter a lot of things, the site was K, ranking off. Did not find the reasons, began to confusion, that he was in no mood to take care of this blog, feel shy, everybody! In the seven days since the girl has been thinking about what to do, Shanghai dragon. It has been asked what is the Shanghai dragon

a lot of things, through the baptism of time, the nature of the slowly deteriorated. When the search engine appears, Shanghai dragon also appeared accordingly, at that time, why is Shanghai dragon, nobody knows, just know some content to the Internet, then the ranking is easy. The time we have catalytic Shanghai dragon, consciousness, copy the content, cause a lot of waste network. The search engine also slowly began to science, it began to have their own algorithms, on content or the chain with the new algorithm, Shanghai dragon has been deteriorating. What is the essence of Shanghai dragon, girl suddenly understand this, return to nature: Shanghai dragon is equal to help people, improve people’s knowledge base, convenient life, this is the essence of. People desire for knowledge, but find much the same content on the web, there are those who do not know is true, why an audit is more strict, love Shanghai know more and more difficult to do. Shanghai Longfeng starting point already went astray, utilitarian heart is too strong. The contents of the user > useless

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