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in fact, do you think? Even if you through the chain, chain, and even Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, caters to the search spiders, get high quality web pages included, rankings, although this result is not likely, I will suppose it has become a fact, right through the user search keywords determined to enter your site, but the fly again, but could not find what they want to know the content, or even can not fundamentally solve the problem of search to him, do you think he will stay to bring effective flow conversion rate? You want to get the so-called "dead" the flow of it, I think certainly not. If we return to the purpose of the site, to work on site specific user groups to provide available, go to the station and to solve particular problems as user attitude, I believe that in time you outside of the chain will be imperceptibly.

" " webmaster tools; for webmasters and Shanghai dragon ER who is familiar, the domestic famous Webmaster Platform have also launched their own webmaster tools to meet the needs and services platform members, such as: A5 Webmaster Platform, Shanghai dragon WHY, love station etc.. Webmaster tools are designed mainly to help individual stationmaster and Shanghai dragon ER observation and analysis of the website included snapshot and website ranking, the tool Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster can easily check their website ranking, and included snapshot, but also can research and analyze competitor website, found outside the chain of resources, reference rival practices, to go beyond the opponent, it is because of this webmaster tools has become a natural webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER daily will be used for weapons, " " undeniable Webmaster Tools gave Shanghai Dragon Phoenix ER and personal webmaster provided a great help, but on the other hand also let most people lost the establishment of the direction, immersion and tangle in included, rankings and snapshots of the issue, perhaps it is for this reason that Webmaster Platform appeared in " The sea contains my home, why has not included my pages? " complain of sorts, because all day in the frequent use of tools to view the site, but the tool feedback results had never changed, for the novice ER and Shanghai Longfeng station is concerned, this is undoubtedly a kind of inexplicable blow this! I feel personally experienced, in pain, I also not only this dissertation chatter without stop, today, ask the struggle in a line of webmaster friends: "webmaster friends, your website is built for whom "

of our daily non-stop love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization technology, the pursuit of the pyramid site keywords layout, a website structure redesign and optimization, even at the black hat rush into danger for search engine optimization techniques in Shanghai Longfeng site, but inadvertently have ignored the construction of the actual content of the site, you do website positioning users simply search spiders? Shouldn’t you stop, take time to ask yourself "what is the site who built "


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