Junior high school graduate from 800 yuan to 16 billion 800 million Austrian flying entertainment C

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undeniably, some sites targeted traffic is relatively poor, consumption is low, or that the quality of traffic is not high. Site sales conversion rate can be different, but if there is considerable traffic, but only in exchange for between a small number of website alliance, the appropriate income is not found, it must be a problem. For example, the railway station is usually a big traffic place, and the people in the railway station don’t go shopping. To open stores in the train station, the large amount of traffic ordinarily is relatively low quality of traffic. In fact, such a huge flow of shops, will not sell anything. The key is to find out what these people need. They don’t need to buy cell phone TV, but they probably need to buy a lunch drink.

no fancy resume, no great life, no more enviable degree, Cai Dongqing who is on the generation of some coastal entrepreneurs obvious style: low-key, pragmatic, wisdom, tenacity, flexibility.

‘s delight is that Cai Dongqing has turned every failure into a better turn of success. As a result, he often calls himself the "winner of the failure."".

makes a lot of people curious is, a junior high school graduation, the level of education is not high young man is how to become a cultural industry listed company’s head,



because most of the neighbors are producing small speakers, so after the start, Cai Dongqing is pondering, such as >


these workshops are small and poorly equipped, but some of the products they produce are very marketable. Cai Dongqing was tempted. He thought he could follow suit, and I could do it if anyone else could.

fiddled West borrowed 800 yuan, Cai Dongqing bought a vintage casting machine, using artificial hand pressure to complete the operation. What to produce, Cai Dongqing also has a target: plastic trumpet. This is a can blow out the sound of the toy, suitable for young children.

Abstract: in September 10, 2009, Austrian flying animation "Chinese animation first stock" halo listed successfully. After the listing, Cai Dongqing has become a billionaire, 2012 Forbes China rich list, Cai Dongqing to 4 billion 300 million yuan net worth ranked 222nd rich list, and in 2015 last year to 16 billion 830 million yuan in the rich list of seventy-second.

can also use this thinking on the web site. Your website user may not come to your website with the goal of shopping, but watch news, play games, chat and get together. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell targeted products to them. The product you want to sell is not necessarily the product directly related to your site, but rather the product your user base may need.


, for example, assume that your website is just a fan club, and that users are young fans with little spending power. Obviously they don’t come to buy things, they are chasing stars, killing time and watching gossip.

1969, Cai Dongqing was born in an ordinary peasant family, parents are honest crops, grandfather in early years in Singapore production, after returning home to farming. In the early 70s, Cai Dongqing’s two brothers were born, and the family lived on their parents and worked in the fields. It’s been a tough day.

on the Internet, traffic is a treasure. There are traffic will have the eye, there will be the target market. It can be said that there must be revenue flow. If your site has a lot of traffic, but did not produce the proper benefits, it must be in the website planning and profit model problems.

in the middle of 80s, the land of Chaoshan has blown the wind of reform. It is only the west gate of Chenghai and the nearby management area of Cai Dongqing. There are many family handicraft workshops producing plastic toys and plastic products.

then these people besides time, there is no other demand? Since they Starchaser, there may sell out of print CD to them, Autographed posters, CD, T-shirt? There is no possible souvenir exchange organization between members, owners as intermediary commission? Is it possible to get in touch with the star, get some souvenirs the special significance of the meeting, or organization? If your website has become an important base in the local fans, these stars and brokerage companies are generally not dare to offend. There may be a small studio, to help fans make professional CD, even MTV

authentic baby farm, to $16 billion 830 million 2015 Forbes rankings data unit: RMB of the rich, the first anime shares, Austrian flying animation chairman Cai Dongqing’s experience is legendary, it can be said, is a typical entrepreneur China coastal fighting history.

in 1986, Cai Dongqing graduated from junior high school, faced with the choice, is to continue reading, or to help the family to lift the burden of life. It’s a choice. In fact, there is no other choice. The book has no money to read, and Cai Dongqing, 17, is looking for something that suits him.

many webmaster confusion is, there is traffic, but can not be converted into income. When talking about internet marketing, many people focus on how to get traffic. But some websites worry is, with traffic, how to produce benefits?

, for example, your website is the BMW forum, and you probably don’t have much chance of selling BMW cars or accessories directly to them. But these people who love BMW cars will need a lot of other things to choose from. Credit cards, club memberships, golf equipment, tickets, luxury tours, etc.. These can be your income points.

produces "trumpet speaker",

what I said above is only limited to "direct pursuit with stars"

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