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from the 09 year officially resigned from the envy of all civil servants at work, directly into the industry in. In resigning, many of my friends have said do not understand very much to me, a high salary to work undone, why choose the webmaster of this industry? This is my personal character so, perhaps watching martial arts movies, let your heart be the dream of rekindling worship. Anyway, after more than two years of bumps, now officially halted in this industry. Which also thanks to a few good friends without help, one little mo (friend) is he brought me into this industry. Good to come to the point, after two years of practical optimization, individuals also have some understanding of their own for the optimization of course for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon this tool, many owners will regard it as the only tool for ranking, in fact I think, little Shanghai dragon, the website can also be optimized successfully, is not no Shanghai dragon the site, can not live, the key to seriously, Shanghai dragon is only some contents of website promotion tools, only the factors affecting the site development, it is the user experience.

many people think Shanghai is dragon ranking sites, Shanghai to dragon of optimization is to increase the rankings, which can get more traffic from the search engine. However, we temporarily on the website ranking for the ultimate goal to see Shanghai dragon complaining about other webmaster. Every day in the A5 Zatan forum and the Q & a section, often see some Adsense asked how to do in order to enhance the Shanghai dragon rankings. In fact, such postings webmaster subconscious put Shanghai dragon as the only way to enhance the website ranking, there is a kind of improved ranking method in addition to outside Shanghai dragon does not believe that other don’t think other methods can do. The result is this? In the optimization version of the guide, we can see that there is that, for the optimization of the ranking site will be punished, and the rank as Shanghai Longfeng site is not the ultimate goal for ranking of Shanghai dragon optimization? Large flow and low conversion rate site example I use ten fingers to count, some specifically for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon master, for example, now more fire is to optimize the keywords of Shanghai dragon type, usually, very many sites is the use of blog to do Shanghai dragon type site, regardless of whether the is the title, keywords, description or label or elsewhere published articles promotion, will use special love Moumou Shanghai Longfeng and similar words on behalf of his pen Who has a wish to Shanghai dragon the word mosaic to each of their blood vessels. In fact, this is Shanghai dragon played by webmaster, often report appears to be useful, in fact very theoretical knowledge across to the other webmasters. The author believes that one knows not to be playing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon playing webmaster, certainly not all publicity is Moumou Shanghai dragon, just like before, the author met a self proclaimed buy program >

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