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The website

from the two images can be seen in the site inside or slightly modified, but there is no what content, but the website will not be actually love Shanghai right down, but was ranked in the home page, really think impassability.



can be seen from the figure, the site’s title and description (as of November 1st before no screenshot) is:



this morning and then I see in the screenshot, screenshot of it before November 1st. The following figure:


webmaster should know the love of Shanghai is sensitive to the title and description of the website, if the owners do not pay attention to a website title and description will be modified, love Shanghai punishment right down, even the risk of K. But today I see a website without the occurrence of such a situation, it is because of the love of Shanghai recently updated more frequently, to ignore this aspect. I fell in love with the sea search keywords: Shanghai Shanghai dragon, but the station is in the home, really Speechless. See below:

Description: hosting account: admin Password: Verification Code:


This is my

content is this morning the screenshot below we look at the screenshot in November 1st:

Title: host management system

love Shanghai is included 1, trans is 630, this website love Shanghai unexpectedly to open Easy Access, and this love sea expressly made website should be rich in content, the user experience is high, website content relevance stronger, these points, this station a are not accounted for, do not know what is the situation, as does anyone know, can communicate with me by 贵族宝贝jnsino贵族宝贝 editor, please indicate the

where he fell in love with the sea and even included anti, map:

look at today’s title and Description:


is a website to modify the title is not like the Internet that will be drop right or K stand, because the weight of the websites of some very high site, modify the title and description of what is basically no effect. But let us have a look inside the contents of this website, below:

We are in

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