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the past many predecessors experience teach us how to speed up the collection, love Shanghai posting, link, submission, chain and so on some methods, here I want to tell you one of the most simple method, that is to skip over all the details, as long as a trick: to release the soft high weights of the station, is so simple, I a station, just released a soft article the next day included my home page, which I recommend is Admin5, indeed, Admin5 is one of the best places to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, compared to also have a lot of high weight website, I suggest here is Admin5, this is my the real collection method, just a day included my station, there are a lot of friends and above all that data. To love Shanghai included entrance to submit your site, this is a really effective method, but is to attract the spider crawling your content to review your site, accept the inspection of love in Shanghai, Admin5 and other high weight site posted on your information, is undoubtedly a strong chain as we all know, the role of the chain, content is king, the chain for the emperor’s heart is not nonsense, while Admin5 is a cluster of webmasters treasure, there are a lot of original content, is the portrayal of the webmaster experience, on the one hand is the base for learning another station acquisition Admin5 article so, also give you increased the chain, the chain as easy as blowing off dust can bring more for themselves, attract spider.

put aside all the tutorials, put aside the so-called Shanghai dragon is the cumulative wise remark of an experienced person, their own experience, for this trick, I and my friends off.

at the same time, suggest the webmaster can also in the other station will continue to publish your article, this is the method of auxiliary course.

third: love Shanghai blog is very effective, many here recommend using similar to Sina, and other blog, of course, is also good, but personally feel that love Shanghai blog is very good. Love will love their products in Shanghai.

love Shanghai experienced the reform again and again, until now is still love Shanghai every week to visit a new station, a new station is every Thursday I suffer crawling spider love Shanghai, included several articles, is no longer the update snapshot, this disadvantage is new, but to this, after more than a month, the new station again on the line. A few days before the registration of the domain name, then do the preparatory work, launched a. Here I want to say about the simplest methods included simple.

many webmaster do stand the most trouble included is a website, which included home is from the beginning, a website even no home page, when users search for the nature without your site information, after a period of study, see not hundreds of articles, but these articles is the experience of predecessors, as a rookie I dare not say what a man of experience, it will be up, oh, a joke. Please don’t mind.

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