How to set the Google AdWords to achieve the best

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Setting method of ;

novice webmaster forum in A5 first learned experience, A5 is a very good learning platform, I do stand is inspired from the A5, now published his own experience, hope to communicate with you learning.


network: in tens of thousands of small sites. These ads are low quality, almost belongs to the display type, the low, but traffic is very large. The following figure:

1, the title and content with keywords;

the two pieces of advertising should be distinguished, the Google AdWords ranking is very different with the love of Shanghai, not the higher the bid higher ranking, it has a series of influencing factors. If you set the optimization well, maybe 3 dollars a click into the top three, and others 10 yuan a click may well rely on, this is the Google AdWords humane place. So the optimization good can use relatively low price to get very high conversion rate. The influence factors of the AdWords advertising rankings are: 1, click on the rate of 2, 3, 4, the degree of price cap, quality score.

2, the title and content with digital


this advertisement is very attractive, there are also three secret ad settings.

benefits: sales are not selling products, but sell to customers the benefits. The benefits do not obscure, must be specific, more straightforward. Example: the price is cheap, there is no risk; "

4, use fancy words that users, such as free, immediately request etc..


3, the proper use of capital;

network search: the search results appear in Google’s right. These advertisements are very high quality, strong pertinence, but traffic is very limited. The following figure:

, click rate: if there are 100 people searching for a word to see your advertisement, there are 10 people to click on your ad and the hit rate is very high. The click rate of the higher ranked first, even in the case of falling prices will depend on the former. How to improve the hit rate? The first is the description and design of advertising language. Noble baby advertising a total of three lines, the first line is the second title, third lines are described. For example:

out: you show the user a better first impression, the tone should be sure, first you have to have confidence in their products the user will have confidence in you, so that the words must have. Ad, how much will a bit exaggerated, these are the means of advertising. Summarized are the following:

Kunshan Shanghai dragon Google AdWords advertising can be divided into two parts: network search and content network.

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