The flow of community profit

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community because it can converge on a theme and a large number of like-minded users. In order to lay the foundation for producing a huge amount of traffic.

here we don’t talk about how to make traffic, and now we’re going to talk about how to use them.

flow to you, you do not make good use of it is your own fault. See a lot of webmasters are followed by the League to go, their profits are completely executed in other people’s judgments, like the mother would like to deal with you to deal with, there is no superfluous words.

good man, do a good job, it is best to master their own destiny, how to make their own decisions.

well, talk a lot of nonsense. Now traffic has, you also use their own characteristics of the community will be the flow of precipitation down, become a stable user of your community, then how to profit? Or by hanging GG, BAIDU advertising?

if you have a huge flow of one day to hundreds of thousands of independent IP, I definitely do not oppose.

but I see more of my friends every day on the IP that hundreds. There is no way to support themselves by advertising alliance. Not to mention the site to become rich.

now the problem, how to solve it?

analysis! A thorough and careful analysis of every day to your site users, how to come, what is the level of income, the proportion of sex, hobbies and so on and so on and so on.

specifically how to do? I’m here to give a small example. You can make a questionnaire, of course no one is willing to give you fill out the questionnaire of

can do something small gifts, so that both the rich forum, but also to provide you with the next step to provide first-hand information. Of course, not limited to the investigation, there are many other programs. It is necessary for you to use their own brains to analyze and think, to find their own is a good way.

after a period of finishing, you can basically determine what you stand users who are, then they will be converted into the actual profit of your users. Consumption is the last word. Please remember this sentence, only your net friend in your station produced consumption, as to how to spend it is your own thing. Remember to see a novel station, he and other free novels are not the same, the end of novel it must download fee, of course you can continue with more serial also can read, I think this is a very good model, but we must be ready to go to the copy. I said, others will always be others, only for their own is the best.

must believe their own IQ, I believe they can come up with their own community profit model.

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