Online sales of local agricultural products and handicrafts of American farmers fun O2O

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to help farmers in the sale of local agricultural products and handicrafts, can become a "Amazon"




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in a business club, economic and political professional student Danny · he and two fellow students majoring in economics and Mathematics — Marcus · Jose Fossen and political professional Fan Weigen Berg, Noah · determined their business model to establish cooperation with Maine’s farmers and manufacturers, and then sold through a network of local farmers Products and handicrafts. The sustainable agriculture enthusiastic environmentalist group of three people won the $10 thousand prize in the "Colby venture alliance business competition", rely on the money business, launched the Jose Fossen said the "agricultural and sideline products industry Amazon".

how do you think about this business?

at the Colby College in Waterville in Maine, business club, the club asked students to think some good ideas can encourage the development of small enterprises in Maine, Edgar put forward a virtual Farmer’s Market creative, selling local products and handicrafts.

a lot of high-end market, but can not replace the feeling of Farmer’s Market." The 21 year old Mr Garin explained.

in two under the help of the students, he completed the My Fresh company business plan. "The farmers want to do most of their understanding of the good things, it is farming vegetables. They are not interested in managing e-commerce websites." He said. officially unveiled in September 2011 to provide a "farm – door" market services, the sale of products both apple and potatoes, but also processed bread and spices.

before the contract with the supplier, MyFreshMaine will sample all products tested, taste, strict quality control. If the product quality is not high, they will not hesitate to reject the supplier. Although ranchers and dairy producers are also interested, but now the company can not provide meat, cheese and other products need to be refrigerated.

he said: "we hope that everything can be sold like consumers to buy directly in Farmer’s Market so fresh."

first year, MyFreshMaine has 10 business cooperation, including the Spiller farm owner Bill, he said: "I think our products to sell online is a good idea, but I don’t have much time to shop." immediately after receiving orders directly to the supplier, with a detailed list of purchase. In order to simplify the process, the company provides freight > packing box and prepaid for business cooperation

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