n an interview with the carved Lord Meng wake the beaver family won’t be the last business

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Abstract the beaver flagship "Manicure division door", announced that it has nearly 1000 Manicure division, every single 2000 single. Meng wake bluntly said: "we should be the world’s largest Manicure shop." Editor’s note: "character" is a science and Technology launched by the people of the Tencent interview column, concerned about the era of commercial science and technology, the most insightful, controversial and dramatic characters. Today, the launch of the "character" Ninth: "God" Meng meng.

reported in October 27th ran technology Tencent

"carved Lord Meng wake his start a new round of venture project — the beaver family. This is currently the main "Manicure division door" platform, announced that it has nearly 1000 Manicure division, every single 2000 single. Meng wake bluntly said, "we should be the world’s largest Manicure shop".

"I know what we want to see," Meng wake think that marketing is his gift, "playing the birth will be". Along with the expansion of the beaver home, he discovered a "beaver 1 billion valuation is only half a year" in the internal mail, followed by a "O2O winning hand" explains his personal understanding of O2O, on the surface of O2O, but the message is the beaver home why is a very correct direction choose Manicure.

two years ago, during the carved sirloin preparation and packaging, Meng wake has brought unprecedented attention to his personal and carved sirloin brand with a mature marketing tactics, "5 million buy fast mysterious party", "left hand a few encounters Sora Aoi" is the leading marketing event during Meng wake. From the end of the world, to micro-blog, WeChat, he always understand what the audience wants to see in the context of the internet.

In addition to using the

marketing strategy, over forty years, Meng wake is a serial entrepreneur in the restaurant smoked sirloin with essential oils engage pioneer theater columnist, is he on micro-blog for their introduction. Others think he is doing cross-border, but he believes that the core has not changed a few entrepreneurs, our genes are able to serve the middle class female users".

Malan beauty hall

from more than and 10 years ago opened the pot of gold earned, preliminary financial freedom, to the internationalization of the image become Taobao AFU oil sales in the first oil brand, Meng wake and women know how to do the related business, "my observation ability is very strong, and I can in a very short period of time to grasp the female psychological".

this time the beaver family is still a focus on women entrepreneurship project. In Meng wake in the planning, the future should be a beaver family carrying 1 million craftsmen platform. In addition to Manicure, and all related, and female consumer related categories are likely to become the next expansion direction of the beaver family.

"80% of the time spent in the

beaver family"

Meng wake him home to Beaver founding reasons of feelings, "the liberation of 1 million craftsmen is a great career".

but led him to the idea of germination of beaver family, is.

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