Electricity supplier entrepreneurial operation must look at the 6 errors

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now many entrepreneurs have joined the business team, hope from the electricity supplier of this big cake in a cup of soup, but can do is not much, there are many people who are in the business of misunderstanding, to finally hinder your success. In fact, as long as we avoid these electricity supplier operating errors, learn from the experience and lessons learned by these predecessors, then we do electricity supplier is more likely to succeed.

in the following, I will combine their own electricity supplier in the circle of friends and the experience, through this should avoid detours and mistakes, to share with you for misunderstanding, entrepreneurship should be avoided if you wear.

1, lack of courage and motivation to work hard, no full grasp is not hands-on

many people are always thinking in order to fully secure the main electricity supplier operating in the circle, dare not fight, in fact this business information, and the development trend is changing, there is not a method which can only make perfect in every respect, take the hand of practice, in order to determine whether or not their own, can also see the effect in the end how to.

2, in their own small circle to do electricity supplier operations

is now a resource integration and sharing of the era, the majority of the electricity supplier friends only communicate with each other, together with a mission, what is a good experience to share, so as to get to the forefront of the business circles and all walks of life information, can help us go further in this business. If he is alone in his circle, not only limited resources, and the publicity is not satisfactory, after all, have sell themselves era.

3, want to maximize profits, the price of the product did not achieve the desired objectives do not sell

is now in the business, a lot of people are playing the price war, although said that everyone wants to take the price of profit maximization, but I want to say is that we should pay attention to the problem of the conversion rate, although the price temporarily get a little lower, especially at the beginning of time saved popular, we should not profit in the first place (of course, profit is the best), but should have its own brand and sell well, to accumulate enough popularity, attract more customers, there will be more initiative in this price.

4, quick success, do not stick the actual business,

a lot of people think that business is very simple, it is in line to buy things, and then put the product upload to your own website or Taobao shopping platform, less maintenance and promotion, just waiting for the seller automatic door, in fact, business competition has entered into a very intense period, if you do not from the details, not slowly for promotion and marketing, it is difficult to achieve what makes a bright performance in front of.

5, has been in imitation of others, but never beyond others, without their own features and highlights