Searching Taobao off a monthly income of over a million after the way

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is a way to make money off the fire, many master do Taobao customers can do monthly income of over 10000, this is a very good performance in Taobao off this project, but do not know if you have not thought about their true way where, indeed we do Taobao can month the income of over 10000, but what is our future? Do we need to do a lifetime of Taobao


off the way to make money is to help others to promote products, selling products, products of the Commission, that another point of view, we are helping others to sell products, to help others and the online publicity, we find a job in sales basically there is not much difference, the only difference is that we are free to work. People say that Taobao revenue from 0 to 1 is a Hom, the same income is also a million hom. To earn more than ten million friends must have a lot of thinking about a problem, I now is to continue to promote other people’s products, or to sell their own products,

?We have a

flow, then we have customers, and to sell the products of others, why not to sell their products? Help others sell products indeed can only be responsible for the promotion, do not worry about the problem of customer service, delivery, etc., but in the long term to sell other people’s products are always doing the wedding dress for others.

look at Taobao billboard although there are now people can do hundreds of thousands, but we see his growth, his growth trend is more and more low, is the early growth rate of the typical large, while the latter is not much room for development. And The Legendary Swordsman said the gladius, early is very powerful, but at a later stage than the Airbe badly. Is a lot of Taobao customers in the occupation of a certain product line after the sale of their products is an inevitable change.

is when we do Taobao customers accumulated some capital, to do is to sell their products, whether it is Taobao or B2C shop, independent store, sell their products is an inevitable trend. Taobao off of this mode will not disappear, but personnel will continue to change, once a person do Taobao passenger accumulated to a certain amount of capital from the industry, leaving is inevitable, and transferred to the sales of their products, sales of products from others to sell their own products, let others help our sales.

to do from Taobao to do B2C mall has the advantage, is to start doing mall people do not have, because a Taobao guest if you can do monthly income of over 10000. Then he for traffic, for the purchase of the crowd attribute understanding could have definitely not a direct mall of the people, and through their own Taobao guest website, promotion, early can be directly put huge traffic directly into their own store, in the initial stage can be said that there is a huge advantage early simply do not have to worry about no traffic, no customers, as long as the good products, customer service, customer service, you can.

I believe no one ever willing for others to do the wedding dress, no.