How to use the principle of investment to do Taobao

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I am a junior professional in China World Trade Center, this semester to learn the investment, greatly inspired, so the association to Taobao customers can use the investment to get some commission, the answer is yes. Here I only speak a person does not love me the method, other methods do not speak, do not want to share, recently met with some difficulties, the so-called do not really help you prawns, so I have to do, see concurrent perceptual theory neutral some practice that the scheme for really good keeping. Start talking.

is the first thought, there are many types of investment, investment is my order minimum investment risk is that you received user orders after the investment, for the popular saying is just purchasing orders to get on the internet. Ideas are like this, the following is my practice.

just do guest at that moment, I was selling high commission on Taobao products, I am not on direct selling, promotion links, I discounted receiving customer orders directly after the original store purchasing earn commission and discount price, this really earn a few hundred dollars, but then mom said it was not clear fair competition, I also take the initiative to withdraw the goods.

but we can put the platform to move, of course Baidu has ah, or direct selling, the premise must be high commission, after all, ah is a new B2C platform, the credibility of the seller is generally not high, the starting point is low, most buyers for novice buyers, do not care about the credibility of the seller. Therefore, it is not difficult to pick up a list from time to time. The key lies in your attitude and ability to strain, do not know what to say, to describe the description will not come out. We will not be able to doubt the list, then I first on the two chart.



yes is captured goods will mail notification, in fact here is still a risk, that is a drop of single issue, you give people the purchase discount, if not single out, light is the loss of money, but also waste a lot of time.

a few days ago I two boxes of Green Week is directly in the "shells" (that is, because the run single) said that this list is out of commission, but in other accounts, so I called the run. Oh, such a thing is wrong PID is a silly hat, so I clenched on the wall swear, I have links to their own system is a problem.

in fact, I am not very positive for these lists, because the more the list, the greater the cost, and in case of a single, nothing. So I look at the Commission is less time to go up to deal with a few list, after all, students, eat money to save.

of course, the use of investment in Taobao is indeed a lot of money off a highly efficient manner, the only problem is no money, there is some investment increase conversion rate will drop, I now use some of the investment conversion rate is three hundred percent, that is to say 100 investment into 300 dollars.