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NetEase science and technology news August 17th news, foreign media published an article to share the Google founder and CEO Larry ·, Paige proposed to entrepreneurs. Paige in early 2002 at his alma mater Stanford University to a group of entrepreneurs about entrepreneurship and management of the five sentence, namely the eye, diligently study forward to the expert, set the "impossible" goal, solve the key problems and the trend before the calm.

the following is the content of the article:

Larry page – this year only 41 years old, has led the world’s most successful and forward-looking companies – Google. Google began a research project initiated by the page at the Stanford University read Dr., its search, artificial intelligence, robotics, hardware, Internet services, retail and media in one, the company’s success is not achieved overnight.

in early 2002, Paige was at Stanford University with a group of entrepreneurs to share the business and operation of the five sentences.

1 eye

career is done by people. The future of the enterprise depends on the quality of the staff, if the recruitment of staff and colleagues to engage in poor communication, and even incompetent, will only make the future of the enterprise becomes more difficult.

Paige said that from the beginning of the Google is very lucky to have co founder of the joint efforts of Sergei Blin, after all, the recruitment of talent is not easy. In order to attract Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) to join Google, urged Schmidt for more than a year. Patience finally touched the seasoned executives, he agreed to join Google in 2001, and served as CEO for 10 years. Under the leadership of Schmidt, Google has grown from a fledgling stage of development into one of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley.

Paige said, with good talent, is essential." So you need to polish your eyes.

2 advanced study, forward to the expert

put time into learning a field. Diligent, not vague. Paige pointed out that the learning process might take a couple of years, but once you master, face the problem more easily and smoothly done or easily solved to establish credibility, enhance, and leadership influence.

"smatter" attitude, will only make the enterprise prospect. In front of subordinates or investors, the lack of knowledge for a moment will be stripped away in disguise.

3 set "impossible" target

on the basis of reasonable consideration, "ignore" the potential obstacles, some seemingly impossible goals actually have a huge space to play.

4 to solve key problems

current consumer interest is that the product can make life easier. In the Internet age, everything can be formed to facilitate the supremacy". He mentioned that he had told the Amazon founder Geoff.

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