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with a geographical location of the real-time micro quiz application, and strive to do the user, the sky underground bag".



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"donut" is based on a geographic information real-time micro quiz application, and strive for the user to achieve life in heaven and earth, such as the nose there is a parking lot, go to Yunnan Dali tourism how to arrange the schedule, the user can ask a donut, but must indicate the location you want to ask. Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog and other social networks as a platform to find people with questions related to match and ask each other. Founder Han Xiaoguang said he hopes to be able to import users into their own community.

how do you think about this business?

Three co-founder

bagel is the three young people who had studied in different places, met before each carries "Q" dream: Han Xiaoguang from a Tokyo education group left the venture, want to do with tourism related projects in the form of questions and answers to help travelers to collect the most appropriate their trip; Liu Yefeng in the Tokyo study "Crowdsourcing" topic, hoping to make a film, for local attractions photos of the scenic spots interpretation function for travelers; Liu Yefeng acquainted with Han Xiaoguang after returning entrepreneurship, another partner cengliu specializing in technology in Denmark quickly join, after he has been concerned about the application of the same.

their initial business is biased in favor of tourism, that the construction of the community will be more complex in the field of tourism, so the tourist community in the question and answer function out, do for third categories of questions and answers. This question like Quora (the famous American social quiz website) as deeply, users only need to look around, to determine the parking is full, the restaurant is in the queue, you can say, simple and direct, but also helpful. Their slogan is also very delicate: believe in the kindness of strangers.

where is the innovation point


and some questions and answers category is different, initially they did not rush to do their own independent website, but the use of social networking sites popularity. Han Xiaoguang believes that Sina’s micro-blog has such a high degree of activity, is a unique condition. After becoming the third party application developers micro-blog, micro-blog users began to start the case of friends, often haunt locations, such as the development of micro-blog data analysis, and then ask questions to match.

in addition to the use of micro-blog, the bakery needs to build their own SNS community, reflecting more value. The donut will push the message to the person who answered it, pull the other person into their own community, and then match the existing user. For example, like to go to a Starbucks, there is a common topic. At present, there will be 2 people per push to register the community of bread 10.

this community will also introduce some of the game mechanism, if the user familiar with a place to become a landlord, and actively help others solve problems. Donut team

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