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I’m here to talk about how to attract members of the article class website? How to stimulate members to publish articles. I combine Admin5 and concise and comprehensive, new web page webmaster type website to talk about his own views.

is a website, especially to attract members on the content of the site, the update is necessary, the owners own update, find specialized personnel updates, these are necessary, but the real is to encourage their members to stimulate and release. Only this information will be updated every day, the article will have an original every day, which for the owner of the site, the flow of people, for the engine are friendly. How to stimulate the members released, summed up in three: 1 membership list 2 awards awarded the virtual 3 titles in accordance with article quality for bonus.

1. member list — represents

since 07 years in January, the figure of this list of members of the king, you can obviously feel the king of the site update speed. The benefits of doing so: because of the king of the site’s high visibility, often can bring a lot of home page considerable traffic. If the row in the top 10, basic every day can bring at least 100 on the IP, this to the webmaster, some small webmaster, is very tempting. We can see the effect of this I do not say.


2. awards awarded the title of — as the representative of virtual

for the three step design, a lot of concern is his text, and some of his negative news, but few people pay attention to his website. In fact, his website forum part of a remarkable place. For example, forum posts reward points. Some people would say that this is not the basic functions of the forum? But he is directly to the integral into virtual title, when the title to a certain degree in the special position of the website works the scarlet letter ". This allows members to post at the same time to make friends, but also their own beauty.


3. according to the quality of the article to the bonus -www>

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