90 entrepreneurs behind the stars and bragging unspoken rules

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these days, a man named Yu Jiawen 90 entrepreneurs in the CCTV program on a speech video crazy pass in the circle of friends, the title is also very alarmist: "a 90, the entire Internet circle have infuriated…." let me can not help but point to go read the whole video. And today in different groups, see the discussion about this video, really let me out.

bragging is actually the industry unspoken rules

first, some of the business operations and data description in great controversy in the video of Yu Jiawen, such as the number of users exceeded 10 million, such as access to tens of millions of dollars in investment and Alibaba, such as next year profit of 1 hundred million employees and so on, many people think that he is too big, even caused a lot of friends peeling and interpretation. As for his big east trying to say is, in fact it is the Internet industry’s unspoken rule".

1, the amount of financing

about the financing amount of false or amplification, this is in fact the industry unspoken rule. This is mainly decided by two factors, one is more sensitive about the investment in this matter, in general, start-ups are reluctant to disclose the specific investment figures and investment proportion, because it is very easy to be calculated the overall valuation of the company. Therefore, in the investment figures on this matter, enterprises are generally vague, the common expression is a thousand million, or tens of millions, which is imagination, let the media unpredictable. However, as long as it is confirmed to the news media investment value has been, therefore most of the media did not get to the bottom of the number of investment.

actually, because the enterprise can only listen to the story, said the amount of financing enterprises most media reports are mixed with water, and even some of the water is quite large. The East building also often hear some business executives privately gossip, which actually reported that tens of millions of dollars of business, only to gain millions of yuan investment.

on the other hand, why do companies say that the amount of financing, investors are generally the default it, in fact, this is also a tacit understanding of investors and investors. No more investment Fangba blowing, so maybe you can draw it more disk access man. All this, in fact, the amount of financing but also public relations practices, including the recording program in CCTV said more than good Alibaba get tens of millions of dollars of investment, we would like to listen, not too much reliable.

2, the number of users

on the number of users and the unspoken rule is more tricky, in fact I said these are not what. Internet companies generally do business people should be aware of. The so-called media coverage of the number of users is generally only for reference only. Most media reporters, for the product’s operating data is actually not very understanding, such as what the number of users to download, install the number of users, activation >

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