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read a report before, said in 2011 China’s online group buying industry statistics report data show that the 540 thousand phase of the group buying activities, the total sales of nearly 11 billion yuan, equivalent to the 2010 times. Just from the data, the current form is not the group purchase industry development investment in winter but the winter, but we are not happy too early? Behind the huge volume of transactions is nearly 2500 group purchase site failures, not updated product information for nearly 30 days and 85% of the group purchase website. Now more and more businesses think of the transition to the O2O mode, just like the original as financing for life-saving straw, today the group purchase sites take the O2O model as the only way which must be passed for future development, especially for small and medium sized group purchase website.

O2O model potential

so, O2O mode is not selected group purchase website? In fact, on the surface, the O2O model based on local resources, to the regional resources to good use together, and then provide real-life group purchase service, to make up for the good of the B2C platform. Buy defect. We all know that B2C business model gives you is installed in the parcel by express to you on hand merchandise, while O2O mode can allow you to experience the reality of life in the service of the same group purchase is a low price, temporary promotions, can not provide services in real life. At present, the O2O model is good to fill the shortcomings of the above two sales means, the market potential seems huge.

In fact, the advantages of the O2O model is more than these, think about what is now the main profit to buy

. A large part of the profits from the group purchase Living Mall "rebate", and the general group purchase model has no consumption tracking code "that the website and business according to the actual number of people unable to reach agreement, resulting in profit distribution cannot reach a mutually satisfactory point. But O2O is different, it can accurately calculate the number of offered, eliminating the possibility of conflict with the business generation.

O2O mode for you

O2O mode online and offline good together, so as to promote the development of group purchase industry, but have to pay attention to the implementation of O2O mode will cause to raise the threshold, this is a challenge for small group purchase website, which makes the small group purchase website in the face of commodity resources is difficult to integrate, and more of a development bottleneck. So far O2O model suitable for large group purchase sites, such as taobao.com rely on this tree, "Juhuasuan" for small and medium-sized businesses, a pressing matter of the moment is to improve the website viscosity, make unique products to attract customers.

I can foresee the future development of group purchase website is nothing more than a big fish eat small fish, small fish eat small shrimp, small website if you can not find a suitable for their own "special products", then wait for their only was annexed to the end. Today, there are more than 3000 buy site, the market competition is still very intense, this time Select >

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