E commerce too radical into the first half of the hardest hit investment

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Although the data show

TMT leading industry in the first half of the investment in other areas, but the industry still needs to be scooped up investors surface bubbles, especially in the first two years of electronic commerce is the focus of attention of the field of capital. At the end of last week’s 12 China Qing Imperial venture capital and private equity investment in the mid forum, investors in the investment situation mentioned in the industry, business investment has been regarded as the hardest hit areas TMT.

from the relevant statistics, the first half of this year, the largest number of investment cases industry is still the Internet industry, but the heat has begun to shift. Because of the early aggressive intervention, the electronic commerce industry last year is very hot in the first half of this year’s "". In the first half of this year, not only our own investment company financing is more difficult, large intermediaries have the same feeling, last year and this year, if the electricity supplier companies can melt into the money has been considered good news." Gobi venture partner Xu Chen believes that due to the accelerated development of the electricity supplier last year, this year the industry adjustment, many companies have slowly pulled out of the market.

in order to increase the amount of users, e-commerce companies desperately hit advertising, advertising costs and the cost of traditional businesses tend to agree. "In such a cost structure, it is difficult to have a healthy growth in the profitability of e-commerce companies, so we hope to have the opportunity and really have the core competitiveness, competitors and competitors can open the gap." Walden International managing director Wang Yimin in the late stage of e-commerce enterprise investment is that.

NLVC director general manager Jiang Haotian pointed out that the domestic competition is too fierce, and the competition in order to match the business enterprise, first of all have their own relegation, lowering himself to not make money and position of competitors. Moreover, the two years of Internet traffic costs rose very badly, the original e-commerce can be more accurate to pass the goods to his people, and now low efficiency, high cost, it is difficult to achieve accurate. In addition, due to the electricity supplier to engage in a price war than the line convenience, consumers see where there is a price war to which such platform, originally expected to stick to affordable electricity consumers have become empty, these factors lead to the current state of business financing.

in terms of capital, Jiang Haotian pointed out that the electricity supplier to get too much capital, the basic is to take the money to fight investors. The rapid development of the Internet has also led to a good model is easy to be found, many entrepreneurs thinking logic is simple and pure, only to be able to finance the project, which are flocking to the electricity supplier industry.

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