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in China, there will always be a market price of cabbage. The infinite possibilities of low prices and the infinite possibilities of the goods create a "Taobao"". Even businesses, entrepreneurs in the cry brand and quality, when people and animals harmless cabbage price goods shelves, users will use the mouse to vote.

is also a kind of cheap to pick up the psychological guidance of the user base, to support a discount electricity supplier roll skin. Similar to the fold 800, clear street, scouring powder bar…… They use price less than 100 yuan of goods, to prop up the market should not be overlooked. Statistics show that as of 2014, the volume of annual turnover reached 2 billion 500 million yuan, the total number of users exceeded the number of 30 million.


was founded three years ago, in addition to two rounds of small-scale financing attention, the volume of skin almost no waves, nor active voice. July 2014, volume A round of 50 million yuan investment, the same year in December, the volume of skin and then announced the acquisition of $B round of $35 million investment. Volume insiders said the two rounds of investment are actively looking for investors".

is also a financial intensive in 2014, becoming the fastest growing year of the skin. According to the president of the volume of the summer roll introduced, regardless of the size of the team or the scale of sales, the volume of the net is from the fastest run between 14~15.

entered the second half of 2015, the volume of skin started to do some image adjustment, from the "discount electricity supplier" to "buyer preferred supplier". According to the volume of skin related to the person in charge, the new staff, for the majority of buyers, the scale has more than 200 people. This strategy, and beauty are similar, but "and before the two are different, the main standard roll skin is still a" cost-effective selection of buyers".

on the whole, the volume of the platform on the platform merchants, the user’s position is extremely clear: two or three line brand, cost-effective, female population. This position is based on the grasp of the Chinese consumer market. In summer Lifeng, it is easy to get into the business of the consumer market should, in "self Hi" state, such as customer care brand, such as customers like to buy foreign goods.

recently Lifeng billion state power network and summer exclusive dialogue, understanding the volume "static and dynamic" skin of three years, the following dialogue excerpts:

billion state power network: the establishment of three years, the biggest change rolling which period is


summer: the fastest growing period is from 2013 to this year. Now we have hundreds of people, before dozens of people, about two people last year. Sales from last year began to erupt. (?) internal more practice better, more accurate judgment of commodity goods, screening work, as well as the market, the introduction of the flow, the user operation is better. A very shameful thing is that we have a slight lag in the brand.

billion state power network: like many other shopping guide Gene Providers, skin volume >

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