Group purchase a large area of the market how safe winter paralysis

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with the emergence of the global financial crisis, buy site has sprung up like mushrooms. But the group purchase network itself is a breakdown of the market, the industry itself is still in the development stage in the growth, to expand the scale of first experiencing growing pains, so far did not reach the pursuit of profit group purchase website stage. The face of the market has not yet fully mature, group purchase website number too much, traffic is too scattered, sales do not up the whole industry, blue ocean turns red sea, so the wretch collapse, Gao Peng net, happy net layoffs to squeeze the bubble and three line city station point closed has become inevitable.

so, how the winter has become a major force in the Meiji group purchase website to solve things? In my opinion, this is a crisis is a turning point. How to grasp this opportunity to fame or seize market share is an opportunity for the wretch. I talk about how to spend the winter from two angles.

currently, the channel is put on the purchase of information on the Internet micro-blog, e-mail and a variety of advertising. However, with the iPhone OS, Android and other new generation of mobile phone software platform to start the payment but there are still many practical aspects are not ready.

three, business to payment acceptance, at 011 years in May 26th, the people’s Bank of China to 27 domestic third party payment companies issued the first "pay business license", like Alipay, caifutong and three party payment platform is a legal status, but the degree of market acceptance is not a piece of paper can fix the. Even if the smooth flow of mobile payment link, how to convince local businesses to allow LBS to become the first payment process, is not so easy. Business community, who is strong, who will have the initiative. The LBS format is too small, want to give up for business the amount of consumption after the return to their negotiations difficult, as can be imagined.

once the above problems can be solved, buy site can use LBS to achieve the purchase of information. "LBS+ group purchase" both have regional characteristics, but also has the difference of group purchase, how to combine? The United States GroupTabs brings new thought to us: GroupTabs users to sign a number of local businesses, such as a bar, the use of GroupTabs after the arrival of the mobile phone using Check In. When the number of Check In reaches a certain number, all users who have been Check In can get a certain discount or discount. China’s buy site can learn from.

In addition to

, because the network itself is a market segment, so the product is to do a good job in the category of the whole is good, or the smallest most fine it, this is a topic worth pondering. It is understood that Nanjing’s fast group net ready – make a transition scheme of the winter child. I think that the mother of the occupation of the crowd is the most powerful consumer groups, first of all, she is a woman, she needs beauty, shopping, >

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