Business tax blocking Western place by the impact of traditional retailing

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electric blocking western tax

Xiao Xia


Tmall in the "double eleven" promotional 19 billion 100 million yuan to achieve amazing transactions, not only for the industry to talk, also let the lack of electricity supplier entity provinces alert because of local traditional retail electricity supplier by the impact is the loss of the corresponding tax.

in early November, the Yuzhong district government convened the local information industry scholars and industry participants to discuss the development of e-commerce in Chongqing. Participating in a local Chongqing IT companies revealed that the government of Chongqing noted that the recent emergence of trade and service industry tax loss signs, are on the introduction of specific measures to support the development of electricity providers seek advice.

online shopping has become increasingly large scale can not be ignored. Chongqing last year, the total retail sales of social consumer was 341 billion 690 million yuan, the total retail sales of consumer goods in a single day was only $336 million, while the double on the same day the amount of online shopping consumption of more than 400 million people in Chongqing.

Chongqing City three quarter economic conference to upload data, local business services in local storage is expected to "up sharply", representative of the traditional retail sales growth before the three quarter fell 8% year-on-year.

Chongqing Commercial Committee believes that this is because the local consumption to a certain extent, the more developed areas of e-commerce diversion.

A research report of

in recent years, industry associations and government departments have indicated that the level of development of the domestic electronic commerce from the coast to the inland Midwest showed a decreasing trend are in good agreement with the development level of China’s provinces and cities in economy.

it is worth noting that, although the central and western provinces residents and businesses contributed huge online transactions, but because the era of electricity supplier consumer sales and regional separation, in the sales side for taxation under the current tax system, their consumption behavior to the business entity developed coastal provinces and cities with tax.

The competent commerce department

statistics, last year Chongqing online shopping consumption of more than 9 billion yuan, of which only 500 million yuan from the registered entity in Chongqing — which means that Chongqing can only enjoy 500 million online shopping amount of tax revenue, the loss of the remaining 8 billion 500 million should produce tax to other provinces.

Deputy Secretary General of Chongqing city

Internet association chairman Li Binhong for example, the price of a model for the VA55ES61009 Samsung TV in the local appliance store sales tax revenue for 13900 yuan, Chongqing should have at least 417 yuan after the sale. And once the transaction is generated in Jingdong or Tmall mall, due to the two entities in Chongqing, the sale of the product to Chongqing’s tax contribution to zero.

encourage retail giant self built electronic business platform has been favored by local governments. But in the retail industry and local scholars in Chongqing seems to be due to the huge market share of the existing electricity supplier platform, coupled with the positioning of local department store retail varies, the idea of self built electricity supplier is not practical.

department store in Chongqing, the country’s department store has been two years ago

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