For the 6 18 electricity supplier advertisers how to run the program to buy

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6 years ago is a Jingdong since 6.18 is now hi; carnival and double 11 famous electricity supplier, from the initial Xiaodaxiaonao to now digital marketing firepower, moving across the screen to track 6.18, has evolved into an important battlefield of the electricity supplier marketing, as each business market promotion team of senior high school entrance examination.

as a program to purchase electricity supplier industry industry one of the highest degree of penetration, the purchase program provides "find new customers + find a full set of solutions to improve the old passenger + ROI, electricity supplier for the most important marketing activities to promote the scene, what is the process of buying? Face mobile outbreak to promote the need to pay attention to what


Pro is different from the conventional launch, with a strong timeliness, advertisers need to promote the formulation of time points according to the rhythm of the delivery scheme, we hereby interview Mr. Zhao Chen vice president of the friends of interactive products, commercial products and operations, summed up the large electricity providers to promote the history of the most comprehensive program of buying strategy. The big promotion into the warm-up period, adjustment period and the outbreak period, help advertisers to control the timing and rhythm, out of the 618 big promotion, to achieve sales target of


1, warm-up period: find a big boost true love powder

time: 2 weeks before the big promotion

Pro environment: to promote the 2 weeks before the warm-up period promotions, compared to the vast majority of the electricity supplier to preheat a week in advance, the flow of resources competition, the traffic demand and traffic supply at a normal level, CPM and CPC is the peak of the 40%-60%, the same cost, can compete more exposure and click.

on the target: 6.18 early, mainly to enhance the user of the electricity supplier brand awareness, establish a direct link 6.18 and electricity supplier brand, namely the thought of 6.18 think of advertisers brand electricity supplier.

delivery strategy: first of all, you need to establish a separate population database for 6.18 promotion, mobile ID has been downloaded APP equipment according to the electricity supplier advertisers, with friends and China Mobile, AsiaInfo, UnionPay and other three party operators historical electricity supplier promotional data, the depth of modeling, expand the promotion target population selection. PC end according to the DAAT tag system, combined with the specific types of advertisers electricity supplier Lookalike similar population expansion. Then, a large number of promotional activities for the above strong intention of the crowd to promote the brand and the pre exposure.

2, adjustment period: Lock favorite products, add shopping cart

time: 1 weeks before the big promotion

greatly promote the environment: at this time only 1 weeks away from the big promotion, combined with the previous electricity supplier to promote the data show that CPM is rapidly rising, but CPC remained stable, CTR is usually the times. At this point, the electricity supplier promotional competition is becoming increasingly intense, users have begun to actively promote the electricity supplier to prepare a single order, will continue to like the product to join the shopping cart. At the same time, a significant increase in the two jump rate also reflects the characteristics of a large discount discount, some users in the big

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