Female friends sold fake or jailed for 7 years

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Qianjiang Evening News reporter Yang Jian correspondent Chen Huijin Kay sword

price of a few million, ten million bags, only sell a few hundred yuan. Such information, presumably a lot of people have seen in their own circle of friends in WeChat. But in fact, in accordance with the provisions of the criminal law, knowingly selling counterfeit registered trademarks of goods, the maximum term of imprisonment of less than 7 years.

recently, Xiasha Hemou due to WeChat in the circle of friends selling fake brand-name goods and was sent to the court. I think there are a lot of people are selling, do not know it is illegal, I did not expect so serious." In the courtroom, he cried several times.

husband investment failure, just

full time mom restart

talking about taking a circle of friends to sell fake this road, he could not help wiping a bitter tears.

Hemou said that after his graduation from University, he stayed in college. After that, she made a family with her husband.

married not long, he found himself pregnant. For the baby in the stomach, Hemou decided to quit his job, do a conscientious full-time wife.

but all of this, because her husband’s investment failure, an instant change.

, "he told me, he took all his savings at home, and went bankrupt." He said the husband, after the failure of investment, not only let home nothing, on the back of the hundreds of thousands of debt. Even worse, Hemou husband can not withstand the blow of bankruptcy, even abandoned her and was born not long after the child, back home in Taizhou.

is stubborn he, don’t want to return home to gray. She decided to stay in Hangzhou and start again.

it wasn’t long before he found a new job. But the salary is not high, plus she has to raise children, pay rent, the pressure is very large.

a circle of friends forwarding

let her find "a way of earning money"

just as a trouble for life, a chance, she found a way to make money.

the year before last May, he saw a friend in Guangzhou, often in the circle of friends sent a number of brand-name bags photos. "I think these bags are very nice, so I send these pictures." Unexpectedly, this forwarding, many friends have come to ask about the price, want to buy.

he thought, others are doing micro business, purchasing in the circle of friends, and now there is also a channel, not a sideline, give a child to earn milk money.

immediately, he put his own ideas and Guangzhou friends said, the two hit it off. As a result, Hemou has become an intermediary agent, through their two micro signal cocomingpai and yoyoshishang, in the circle of friends forwarding each big brand watches and high-end cosmetics bag information. Then she puts the customer

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