Gome evolution path from the uterus to three carriages parallel

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in the latest round of capital operation in the United States and the United States, Wong Kwong Yu, like a stealth king, still through the wall to show his new ideas in the layout of e-commerce.

May 25th, Gome (micro-blog) Hongkong stock exchange announcement confirmed that Gome has to 12 million yuan price of the acquisition of Kuba founder Wang Zhiquan’s remaining 20% stake, holding fully kuba. This is completed, with a total of HK $90 million 90 thousand (about 73 million 330 thousand yuan) price to Wong Kwong Yu’s Gome sharp dynamic transfer library network and Pakistan new beauty (responsible for the operation of Gome online mall) 40% stake.

so far, "beautify", Kuba completely and Gome electricity supplier will implement the strategic layout of huang. In fact, not as outsiders argued, the United States is a head line was awakened in the era of electricity providers at the lion, the strength but has been late.


technology found in time, the United States did business is the earlier batch, it originated from Wong Kwong Yu, as early as in the Jingdong, but because of internal problems delayed down, and then by Wong Kwong Yu to stagnation, but whether the Chen Xiao period or the cuckoo period, Gome have attached great importance to the electricity supplier, even at the expense of uterus holding, Kuba, hope the external power to catch up with rivals, "finally," beautifying "dog in the manger" Kuba, forming two independent business platform (Gome online mall, Kuba), an important channel partners (in collaboration with dangdang.com exclusive) three unique situation of parallel carriage driving.


pattern in the major electricity supplier platform under the current electricity supplier, Gome is not only the evolution of offbeat, other people do not look too deeply, I am afraid it also confused.

Wong Kwong Yu

back in 2002, when Liu Qiangdong is copying the Gome and Suning business model to expand his IT chain stores, while the United States as prime, its boss, Wong Kwong Yu will be in two years after the coronation of King ", Chinese won the richest man.

in October this year, the United States has begun to take the first step of electronic commerce, it set up e-commerce, to the general manager of customer service Service Center under the jurisdiction of Liu Xiufen. Liu is also responsible for the United States and the logistics and after-sales service, she served as general manager of the United States, Shanghai, to be good at profit. A month later, the United States launched its own online shopping mall.

January 2003, Gome online mall began trial operation. March, by the impact of SARS, Beijing GOME stores customers are starting to shrink, while online orders explosion. The United States at the time of the internal documents show that in 2003 the United States online sales income of 21 million yuan, while Wong Kwong Yu was to the site of the sales plan is 2 million 500 thousand yuan, SARS inadvertently became the catalyst to promote the rapid development of electronic commerce in the United states. But no matter what the opportunity to touch Wong Kwong Yu’s electricity supplier strategy, 21 million yuan of online sales revenue for the 2003 Gome market revenue of $9 billion 346 million, but only one of the cattle nine

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