Ali or PSEN leveraging the day O2O market

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August 22nd news, news sources, the Alibaba will be leveraging PISEN’s "day" system of O2O force field.

it is understood that PISEN has been in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four first-tier cities began to provide 1 hours of service, in addition, PISEN also provides services for the day of the more than and 140 city. PISEN will build online and offline price "," 100 city day "," sunflower carry service "three service system, to provide offsite return, door-to-door express film, change and other human services.

sources pointed out that as early as the beginning of 2014, Alibaba set up a O2O business group, made it clear that the O2O will be upgraded to the strategic level of the group, and a massive offensive catering, hotels and retail and other fields. PISEN’s "day" system at the beginning of the establishment of Alibaba O2O business group has aroused attention.

these sources said, PISEN and Alibaba through the contact and exchange agree without prior without previous consultation, after the press conference will be held on August 25th, announced the bilateral cooperation in the field of O2O.

Alibaba will join the 3C accessories king PISEN massive attack on the field of O2O, and intends to upgrade the project to the strategic level of the group’s future development." The source also believes that the Alibaba group for the smooth listing of the United States, can be described as a comprehensive attack, firepower, began a financing feast.

is reported that PISEN in the country not only has nearly 400 Direct stores, but also has a large number of stores, is expected next year will reach 1000 stores. PISEN has also developed a ERP system for traditional businesses, while the establishment of the online shopping mall and various electronic business platform flagship store.

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