Network extension Li Kaiming B2C pan search marketing strategy analysis

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at present, more and more companies began to invest in B2C marketing, the entire B2C market is in a period of rapid development. The intense competition of the market competition and the diversification of the access path of the Internet users, the traditional search engine marketing model, such as paid advertising and search engine optimization, has been unable to meet the diversified needs of customers and advertisers. In order to meet the needs of consumers and advertisers, I put forward the concept of "Pan search marketing".

then the pan search marketing is a qualitative description or explanation? For the B2C website, the pan search marketing strategies include SEM marketing, SEO marketing, marketing and price level two search engine marketing four aspects of search.

for the B2C site, SEO marketing is the core of how to get the key words of high conversion rate. For example, when we are faced with a contains ten thousand items of the B2C website, how to find the keywords high conversion rate and high cost in broad keywords? The initial stage, we can only choose some popular keyword advertising fell, core keywords, long tail keywords comrades fell after the test period; keywords 1~3 months, we will get some hits high, but this is not our ultimate goal; next, we should take the time to determine exactly what keywords conversion rate is the highest and the price. The last of these keywords, is our goal.

B2C website search engine optimization, the basic design of the site, product keywords optimization and search optimization within the station three details is the key to the success or failure of SEO. Site map settings, static URL conversion, web page optimization and efficient download speed on the B2C site is the most basic and the most critical issue. For a simple example, the static URL conversion to everyone knows, but in the conversion, their own brand, catalog and product name to do with their own URL link to maintain the same site is one of the few. A lot of SEOer headache B2C website keyword optimization, because the product is too much, relying on a single optimization requires a lot of manpower and material resources. The dynamic optimization of the page under the pan search engine strategy (or the optimization of product mix keywords), compared to the traditional single page manual optimization to save time and effort. The effect is more difficult to measure. Finally, the marketing strategy in the search search optimization content contains: the product catalog optimization, product content optimization, product description and optimization of key establishment thesaurus fourth way. How to use the station search combined with the contents of the user after the normal landing search, and then integrate the concept of Pan search engine, we get a comprehensive search engine itself and the user has a good product page preferences.

here, I will mention the two search engine alone, because most people ignore them. Understandable, the scope of the mainstream search engines and two search engines want to be a lot more widely, but the average price is more expensive CPC. In contrast, the two search, although the flow is small, use >

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